Nomad - v1.3.2

1.3.2 (July 13, 2022)


  • agent: Added delete support to the eval HTTP API [GH-13492]
  • agent: emit a warning message if the agent starts with bootstrap_expect set to an even number. [GH-12961]
  • agent: logs are no longer buffered at startup when logging in JSON format [GH-13076]
  • api: enable setting ?choose parameter when querying services [GH-12862]
  • api: refactor ACL check when using the all namespaces wildcard in the job and alloc list endpoints [GH-13608]
  • api: support Authorization Bearer header in lieu of X-Nomad-Token header [GH-12534]
  • bootstrap: Added option to allow for an operator generated bootstrap token to be passed to the acl bootstrap command [GH-12520]
  • cli: Added delete command to the eval CLI [GH-13492]
  • cli: Added scheduler get-config and scheduler set-config commands to the operator CLI [GH-13045]
  • cli: always display job ID and namespace in the eval status command [GH-13581]
  • cli: display namespace and node ID in the eval list command and when eval status matches multiple evals [GH-13581]
  • cli: update default redis and use nomad service discovery [GH-13044]
  • client: added more fault tolerant defaults for template configuration [GH-13041]
  • core: Added the ability to pause and un-pause the eval broker and blocked eval broker [GH-13045]
  • core: On node updates skip creating evaluations for jobs not in the node's datacenter. [GH-12955]
  • core: automatically mark clients with recurring plan rejections as ineligible [GH-13421]
  • driver/docker: Eliminate excess Docker registry pulls for the infra_image when it already exists locally. [GH-13265]
  • fingerprint: add support for detecting kernel architecture of clients. (attribute: kernel.arch) [GH-13182]
  • hcl: added support for using the filebase64 function in jobspecs [GH-11791]
  • metrics: emit nomad.nomad.plan.rejection_tracker.node_score metric for the number of times a node had a plan rejection within the past time window [GH-13421]
  • qemu: add support for guest agent socket [GH-12800]
  • ui: Namespace filter query paramters are now isolated by route [GH-13679]


  • api: Fix listing evaluations with the wildcard namespace and an ACL token [GH-13530]
  • api: Fixed a bug where Consul token was not respected for job revert API [GH-13065]
  • cli: Fixed a bug in the names of the node drain and node status sub-commands [GH-13656]
  • cli: Fixed a bug where job validate did not respect vault token or namespace [GH-13070]
  • client: Fixed a bug where max_kill_timeout client config was ignored [GH-13626]
  • client: Fixed a bug where network.dns block was not interpolated [GH-12817]
  • cni: Fixed a bug where loopback address was not set for all drivers [GH-13428]
  • connect: Added missing ability of setting Connect upstream destination namespace [GH-13125]
  • core: Fixed a bug where an evicted batch job would not be rescheduled [GH-13205]
  • core: Fixed a bug where blocked eval resources were incorrectly computed [GH-13104]
  • core: Fixed a bug where reserved ports on multiple node networks would be treated as a collision. client.reserved.reserved_ports is now merged into each host_network's reserved ports instead of being treated as a collision. [GH-13651]
  • core: Fixed a bug where the plan applier could deadlock if leader's state lagged behind plan's creation index for more than 5 seconds. [GH-13407]
  • csi: Fixed a regression where a timeout was introduced that prevented some plugins from running by marking them as unhealthy after 30s by introducing a configurable health_timeout field [GH-13340]
  • csi: Fixed a scheduler bug where failed feasibility checks would return early and prevent processing additional nodes [GH-13274]
  • docker: Fixed a bug where cgroups-v1 parent was being set [GH-13058]
  • lifecycle: fixed a bug where sidecar tasks were not being stopped last [GH-13055]
  • state: Fix listing evaluations from all namespaces [GH-13551]
  • ui: Allow running jobs from a namespace-limited token [GH-13659]
  • ui: Fix a bug that prevented viewing the details of an evaluation in a non-default namespace [GH-13530]
  • ui: Fixed a bug that prevented the UI task exec functionality to work from behind a reverse proxy. [GH-12925]
  • ui: Fixed an issue where editing or running a job with a namespace via the UI would throw a 404 on redirect. [GH-13588]
  • ui: fixed a bug where links to jobs with "@" in their name would mis-identify namespace and 404 [GH-13012]
  • volumes: Fixed a bug where additions, updates, or removals of host volumes or CSI volumes were not treated as destructive updates [GH-13008]


July 13, 2022, 9:43 p.m.
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