Nomad - v1.5.4

1.5.4 (May 02, 2023)


  • artifact: environment variables no longer inherited by default from Nomad client [GH-15514]


  • acl: New auth-method type: JWT [GH-15897]
  • build: Update from Go 1.20.3 to Go 1.20.4 [GH-17056]
  • cli: Added new nomad job restart command to restart all allocations for a job [GH-16278]
  • cli: stream both stdout and stderr logs by default when following an allocation [GH-16556]
  • client/fingerprint: detect fastest cpu core during cpu performance fallback [GH-16740]
  • client: Added drain_on_shutdown configuration [GH-16827]
  • connect: Added support for meta field on sidecar service block [GH-16705]
  • dependency: update runc to 1.1.5 [GH-16712]
  • driver/docker: Default devices.container_path to devices.host_path like Docker's CLI [GH-16811]
  • ephemeral disk: migrate=true now implies sticky=true [GH-16826]
  • fingerprint/cpu: correctly fingerprint P/E cores of Apple Silicon chips [GH-16672]
  • jobspec: Added option for disabling task log collection in the logs block [GH-16962]
  • license: show Terminated field in license get command [GH-16892]
  • ui: Added copy-to-clipboard buttons to server and client pages [GH-16548]
  • ui: added new keyboard commands for job start, stop, exec, and client metadata [GH-16378]


  • api: Fixed filtering on maps with missing keys [GH-16991]
  • cli: Fix panic on job plan when -diff=false [GH-16944]
  • client: Fix CNI plugin version fingerprint when output includes protocol version [GH-16776]
  • client: Fix address for ports in IPv6 networks [GH-16723]
  • client: Fixed a bug where restarting proxy sidecar tasks failed [GH-16815]
  • client: Prevent a panic when an allocation has a legacy task-level bridge network and uses a driver that does not create a network namespace [GH-16921]
  • client: Remove setting attributes when spawning the getter child [GH-16791]
  • core: the deployment's list endpoint now supports look up by prefix using the wildcard for namespace [GH-16792]
  • csi: gracefully recover tasks that use csi node plugins [GH-16809]
  • docker: Fixed a bug where plugin config values were ignored [GH-16713]
  • drain: Fixed a bug where drains would complete based on the server status and not the client status of an allocation [GH-14348]
  • driver/exec: Fixed a bug where cap_drop and cap_add would not expand capabilities [GH-16643]
  • fix: Added "/usr/libexec" to the landlocked directories the getter has access to [GH-16900]
  • scale: Do not allow scale requests for jobs of type system [GH-16969]
  • scheduler: Fix reconciliation of reconnecting allocs when the replacement allocations are not running [GH-16609]
  • scheduler: honor false value for distinct_hosts constraint [GH-16907]
  • server: Added verification of cron jobs already running before forcing new evals right after leader change [GH-16583]
  • ui: Fix a visual bug where evaluation response wasn't scrollable in the Web UI. [GH-16960]


May 3, 2023, 9:12 p.m.
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