Nomad - v1.4.3

1.4.3 (November 21, 2022)


  • api: Added an API for counting evaluations that match a filter [GH-15147]
  • cli: Improved performance of eval delete with large filter sets [GH-15117]
  • consul: add trace logging around service registrations [GH-6115]
  • deps: Updated from 1.44.84 to 1.44.126 [GH-15081]
  • deps: Updated from 20.10.18+incompatible to 20.10.21+incompatible [GH-15078]
  • exec: Allow running commands from mounted host volumes [GH-14851]
  • scheduler: when multiple evaluations are pending for the same job, evaluate the latest and cancel the intermediaries on success [GH-14621]
  • server: Add a git revision tag to the serf tags gossiped between servers. [GH-9159]
  • template: Expose per-template configuration for error_on_missing_key. This allows jobspec authors to specify that a
    template should fail if it references a struct or map key that does not exist. The default value is false and should be
    fully backward compatible. [GH-14002]
  • ui: Adds a "Pack" tag and logo on the jobs list index when appropriate [GH-14833]
  • ui: add consul connect service upstream and on-update info to the service sidebar [GH-15324]
  • ui: allow users to upload files by click or drag in the web ui [GH-14747]


  • api: Ensure all request body decode errors return a 400 status code [GH-15252]
  • autopilot: Fixed a bug where autopilot would try to fetch raft stats from other regions [GH-15290]
  • cleanup: fixed missing timer.Reset for plan queue stat emitter [GH-15134]
  • client: Fixed a bug where tasks would restart without waiting for interval [GH-15215]
  • client: fixed a bug where non-docker tasks with network isolation would leak network namespaces and iptables rules if the client was restarted while they were running [GH-15214]
  • client: prevent allocations from failing on client reconnect by retrying RPC requests when no servers are available yet [GH-15140]
  • csi: Fixed race condition that can cause a panic when volume is garbage collected [GH-15101]
  • device: Fixed a bug where device plugins would not fingerprint on startup [GH-15125]
  • drivers: Fixed a bug where one goroutine was leaked per task [GH-15180]
  • drivers: pass missing propagation_mode configuration for volume mounts to external plugins [GH-15096]
  • event_stream: fixed a bug where dynamic port values would fail to serialize in the event stream [GH-12916]
  • fingerprint: Ensure Nomad can correctly fingerprint Consul gRPC where the Consul agent is running v1.14.0 or greater [GH-15309]
  • keyring: Fixed a bug where a missing key would prevent any further replication. [GH-15092]
  • keyring: Fixed a bug where replication would stop after snapshot restores [GH-15227]
  • keyring: Re-enabled keyring garbage collection after fixing a bug where keys would be garbage collected even if they were used to sign a live allocation's workload identity. [GH-15092]
  • scheduler: Fixed a bug that prevented disconnected allocations to be updated after they reconnect. [GH-15068]
  • scheduler: Prevent unnecessary placements when disconnected allocations reconnect. [GH-15068]
  • template: Fixed a bug where template could cause agent panic on startup [GH-15192]
  • ui: Fixed a bug where the task log sidebar would close and re-open if the parent job state changed [GH-15146]
  • variables: Fixed a bug where a long-running rekey could hit the nack timeout [GH-15102]
  • wi: Fixed a bug where clients running pre-1.4.0 allocations would erase the token used to query service registrations after upgrade [GH-15121]


Nov. 22, 2022, 1:37 p.m.
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