NATS - v2.10.12


Refer to the 2.10 Upgrade Guide for backwards compatibility notes with 2.9.x.

Go Version

  • 1.21.8 (#5175)


  • v1.17.7 (#5129)
  • v1.33.1 (#5104)
  • v0.21.0 (#5199)
  • v0.18.0 (#5198)
  • v2.5.5


- Optimize detecting long subjects with wildcards (#5102)
- Refactor getHeader to improve bounds checking (#5135)

- Switch to use fmt.Appendf to reduce a few allocations (#5100)
- Write Raft peer state and term/vote inline (#5151, #5178)
- Improve term management when handling Raft vote responses (#5149)
- Ensure Raft applied index is only updated by upper layer (#5152)
- Add I/O gate for message block writeAt syscall (#5193)
- Lower the minimum expiry threshold to 250ms (#5206)


- Fix randomisation for queue subscriptions on 32-bit platforms which could cause a panic (#5169) Thanks to @jeremylowery for the report!
- Stree not matching when partial parts were compared to long fragments (#5177)

- Fix sending empty reply on gateway RMSG (#5192) Thanks to @n-holmstedt for the report!

- Fix loop detection on daisy-chained leafnodes (#5126)
- Make sure to not remove account mappings that just had their value changed (#5132, #5103)

- Fix sending Consumer Deleted on peer remove (#5111, #5160)
- Fix memory leak during compaction within memory store (#5116) Thanks to @stefanLeo for the report and contribution!
- Updating consumer config fails to check OptStartTime properly (#5127) Thanks to @thed0ct0r for the contribution!
- Slow ack for snapshots could cause slow consumer and client disconnect (#5144)
- Fix for a test flapper with consumer expire frequency change (#5155)
- Fix a potential drift that could occur when assigning last sequences to published messages on clustered streams (#5179)
- Fix data race when capturing last sequence on clustered streams (#5182)
- Fix lock inversion when tracking last sequence failures on clustered streams (#5183)
- Revert an earlier change around the Raft handling of stepdowns due to stream move performance (#5200)
- Make sure not to commit a replicated ack when the consumer is closed (#5196)
- Check the Raft layer stream state once recovery is complete (#5196)

- Prefer a POST method to the OCSP server, falling back to GET (#5109)
- Fixed a race condition that could affect OCSP stapling during server reloads (#5207)

Complete Changes


March 12, 2024, 10:52 p.m.
Release v2.10.12
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