NATS - v2.9.12


Go Version

  • 1.19.5: Both the release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release


  • OS/Arch
    • Add support for dragonfly BSD (#3804)


  • JetStream
    • Use highwayhash to optimize difference tracking for stream, consumer, and cluster snapshots (#3780)
    • Add small tolerance in lag for stream and consumer health checks (#3794)
    • Various optimizations related to snapshots and memory usage (#3828, #3831, #3837) Thanks to @MauriceVanVeen for the collaboration on this issue.


  • JetStream
    • Update numCores and maxProcs if altered by container limits (#3796)
    • Fix filtered state for all subjects when the first sequences are deleted (#3801)
    • Updating a stream to direct gets would fail direct gets (#3806)
    • Force consumer replicas to match for interest-based policy streams (#3817)
    • Assign signal subscription to consumer when created (#3808)
    • Properly process updates on a stream on restart (#3818)
    • Select consumer peer(s) from active/online peers only on creation (#3821)
    • Sourced streams that do not overlap subjects were incorrectly reported as a cycle (#3825)
    • Fix for isGroupLeaderless when JS not available due to shutdown (#3830)
    • Deadlock on data loss when holding mb lock (#3832)
    • Fix consumer not getting messages after filter update (#3829)
    • Fix current consumers not getting messages after purge (#3838) Thanks to @pcsegal for the report!

Updated Dependencies

  • - v1.15.15
  • - v1.23.0
  • - v0.3.0

Complete Changes


Feb. 2, 2023, 7:04 p.m.
Release v2.9.12
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