NATS - v2.10.10


Refer to the 2.10 Upgrade Guide for backwards compatibility notes with 2.9.x.

Go Version

  • 1.21.6


  • v1.17.5
  • v1.32.0


  • Add ping_interval cluster route option to configure differently than client connections (#5029)


- Avoid a linear scan of filestore blocks when loading messages for the first time after restart or long period of inactivity (#4969)
- NumPending calculations and subject index memory in filestore and memstore (#4960, #4983)
- Log healthy Raft group status when no longer falling behind (#4995)
- Optimize writing full filestore state where there is high subject cardinality (#5004)
- Share higher fidelity client info in JetStream advisory messages (#5019, #5026)
- More thorough gating of blocking disk I/O operations (#5022, #5027)
- Improved fallback cleanup of consumer Raft directory (#5028)

- Use different unique names for internal consumers (#5017)


Auth callout
- Ensure the server properly binds scoped users (#5013) Thanks to @dpotapov for the report!

- Fix missing variable in consumer skew log line (#4967)

- Fix data race with stream stop and removal (#4963)
- Don't unconditionally send consumer snapshot when becoming leader (#4965)
- Fix tracking holes in the message block index when they are at the end of the block, improving filestore cache efficiency (#4988)
- Wait for recovery to complete before sending snapshot on stream scale-up from R1 (#5001)
- Acking a redelivered msg with more pending should move the ack floor (#5008)
- Fix for a panic calculating record length for secure erase followed by compaction (#5009)
- Reduce memory growth on interest stream recovery when consumers are ahead of the recovered stream state (#5011)
- Raft node responds to VoteRequest with outdated Term (#5021)
- Avoid sending meta leader snapshot as normal entry on leader change when not up-to-date (#5024)
- Make sure to not restart streams or consumers when they are deleted or immediately after being created (#5032)

- Avoid panic when reloading during lame duck mode (#5012)

Complete Changes


Feb. 2, 2024, 8:15 p.m.
Release v2.10.10
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