NATS - v2.9.9


Go Version

  • 1.19.4: Both the release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release


  • JetStream

    • Avoid full state snapshot for streams with many deleted items (#3680)
    • Refactor to make stream removal from server consistent (#3691)
  • Help/Usage

    • Display two additional --reload signal options, ldm and term (#3683)


  • Authorization

    • Prevent returning no_auth_required when a client tries to connect in operator mode (#3667)
      • Any client (Java) that suppressed sending credentials before of this flag could be affected.
      • This only affects the 2.9.8 server version
  • JetStream

    • Tag policies not honored during stream replica reassignment after a peer is removed (#3678)
    • Address issues when concurrent "create" requests for the same stream are issued (#3679)
    • Server panic when consumer state was not decoded correctly (#3688)
    • Ensure consumers that are deleted on startup are removed from the system (#3689)
    • Fixed JetStream remained disabled for reactivated JWT accounts (#3690, thank you @JulienVdG)
  • Leafnodes

    • Do not delay PINGs for leaf connections (#3692, thank you @sandykellagher)

Complete Changes


Dec. 8, 2022, 5:44 p.m.
Release v2.9.9
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