NATS - v2.9.6


Go Version

  • 1.19.3: Both release executables and Docker images are built with this Go release.


  • JetStream:
    • Possible panic on some rare cases where a clustered consumer monitor go routine started while the consumer was deleted or scaled down to an R1. Some tracing could have caused a panic (#3599)
    • On stream proposal failures, the server would incorrectly warn about high stream lag. Thanks to @kino71 for the report (#3601)
    • Stream sources with OptStartTime would get redelivered messages on server restart. Thanks to @DavidCockerill for the report (#3606)
    • Scaling down a replicated stream (R>1) to R1 while it has no quorum, for instance due to a network partition, would leave the stream in a bad state and there would be a constant report of "No quorum, stalled" for this stream, even after the network partition is resolved (#3608)
  • LeafNode:
    • Possible duplicate messages in complex setup. Thanks to @chenchunping for the report (#3604)

Complete Changes


Nov. 4, 2022, 4:07 p.m.
Release v2.9.6
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