Metabase - v1.48.4

Bug fixes

  • Exclude metabase.sync and metabase.upload from malli instrumentation (#38206)
  • switch to regenerator-runtime and update follow-redirects to silence Snyk warnings (#38124)
  • CVE updates: lambdaisland/uri, aws sdk (for ions), specify guava for googleanalytics (#38118)
  • 🤖 backported "Handle multiple date filters for the same template tag" (#38110)
  • Field values cache needs to check permissions (#38104)
  • Upgrade jsrsasign to v11.0.0 (#38075)
  • Handle multiple date filters for the same template tag (#38070)
  • Don't try to compute query-hash for cards without queries (#38007)
  • Fix race-condition that could revert (un)subscriptions (#37954)
  • Handle an error of building UI parameters during dashboard fetching (#37790)
  • Add personal-only to collection endpoint (#37608)
  • [MLv2] Add caching for all the foo-columns functions (#37586)
  • [MLv2] [BE] Cache xxxColumns functions (#37573)
  • Pass email and siteURL to (#37571)
  • Missing databasechangelog index for new instances (#37552)
  • [MLv2] Only allow implicit join on a column if its real ID is known (#37536)
  • Exclude snippet and card template tags from parameters returned from BE endpoints (#37405)
  • Update first_name and last_name when Google SSO used to login (#35628)
  • Env var to disable SNI check in Jetty (#29660)
  • NPE in metabase.driver.sync/schema-patterns->filter-fn* (#38156)
  • Settings with default of false now return null (#38138)
  • Metabase won't see schemas other than public or the default namespace of the user in snowflake (#38135)
  • Dashboard Time Filters Don't Work for Cards with SQL Date Variables (#38012)
  • Initializing MB from a config file is broken (#38009)
  • Text filters shown as input box in embed instead as dropdown (#37914)
  • We index the audit v2 views on instances that don't have the audit features (#37896)
  • site-uuid changes (#37801)
  • Unable to translate string "{0} database {1} default timezone is {2}" to fr (#37730)
  • 0.48.3 : SQL Server dynamic ports (#37655)
  • Database Permissions Display breadcrumbs don't handle schemaless DBs (#37650)
  • Some filters not working in v0.48.x (#37623)
  • Malli.fn :: Invalid input in query-hash and select-keys-for-hashing (#37345)
  • Public native questions with snippets don't work (#37270)
  • Sync takes a massive amount of time to start (#37250)
  • Pivot visualization no longer displays after editing - 'invalid metadata returned' error (#37083)
  • displayInfo returns unexpected result for a column group (#37067)
  • Can't Edit/Download question on a dashboard when Title is removed (#36788)
  • Search input in the filter modal gets focused on hover (#36734)
  • qp.timezone/database-timezone-id returns nil for ::db-from-store (#36662)
  • Unable to update user first and last name when Google SSO used (#35970)
  • Split Axis not working for combo charts (#35727)
  • Greeting page briefly loads before redirecting to custom homepage (#35454)
  • Uncaught TypeError when setting custom click behavior for a question (#35354)
  • Typing on search bar before dashboard has finished rendering gets the search bar in non-functional state (#35099)
  • An alert set on a model reverts the models customized column names (#35091)
  • Can't re-order tabs with long names (#34970)
  • Visualization-specific question icons don't display on first load (#34850)
  • Default click behavior does not have selected state (#34848)
  • Ambiguous dashboard URL when filter is called "tab" (#34784)
  • Better debounce the SQL editor (#34330)
  • Custom homepage breaks search when used before redirect (#34226)
  • CSV upload icon will be gone after enabling CSV upload for the first time then go back to the collection. (#34078)
  • Turn model caching on succeed but UI button doesn't update the text (#26470)
  • Discrepency in the unarchive UI between admins and non-admins (#26169)
  • Pinning a native question that references another question will fail to render (#25022)
  • Cursor didn't show pointer when passing the icon on mobile screen (#24160)
  • Possible to config or resend Email on EOF Error (#23030)
  • Pivot Table collapse/expand rows doesn't work for single question in Public/Embedding (#21847)
  • Login redirects to root, if already logged in and visiting URL like /auth/login?redirect=.. (#14436)
  • Time column ignore formatting and always shows 12h-style AM/PM (#11398)


You can download a .jar of the release, or get the latest on Docker. Make sure to back up your Metabase
database before you upgrade! Need help? Check out our upgrading instructions.

Docker image: metabase/metabase-enterprise:v1.48.4
Download the JAR here:


SHA-256 checksum for the v1.48.4 JAR:



Jan. 29, 2024, 3:36 p.m.
Metabase® Enterprise Edition™ v1.48.4
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