Metabase - v0.46.2


  • Include checklist task to migrate off h2 (#30126)

Bug fixes

  • Users with No Access to the Collection Our Analytics are not able to define a dropdown list from models/questions (#30355)
  • MongoDB Custom Column SUM with arithmetic operation producing wrong MongoQL (#30262)
  • Race condition after deleting the Sample Database (#30152)
  • [Snowflake] Syntax error: unexpected "?" when using filters inside window frames, or inside INTERVAL syntax (#30103)
  • Revision history erratically loads and removes historic changes (#30030)
  • "People can pick" ->multiple values in dashboards and custom dropdown filter don't go together (#29997)
  • Changing column order on model view then almost saving without preview breaks model with custom columns (#29951)
  • Metric tooltip description gets cut (#29862)
  • Metadata is required when trying join on an SQL based questions (#29795)
  • Adding more than one field filter blows up the frontend in Mongo and MySQL (#29786)
  • Filter values no longer work inside single quoted strings (#29690)
  • Serialization v1 errors when trying to load an instance with actions (#29528)
  • Cannot get into a card from a dashboard on "no self-service" permissions (#29076)
  • "First day of the week" not changing calendar widget on filters (#13899)


You can download a .jar of the release, or get the latest on Docker. Make sure to back up your Metabase
database before you upgrade! Need help? Check out our
upgrading instructions.

Docker image: metabase/metabase:v0.46.2
Download the JAR here:


SHA-256 checksum for the 0.46.2 JAR:



April 28, 2023, 12:51 p.m.
Metabase v0.46.2
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