Metabase - v0.49.1

Metabase 49 release announcement


You can download a .jar of the release, or get the latest on Docker. Make sure to back up your Metabase
database before you upgrade! Need help? Check out our upgrading instructions.

Docker image: metabase/metabase:v0.49.1
Download the JAR here:


SHA-256 checksum for the v0.49.1 JAR:



**Enhancements** - Improve homepage experience for embedding users (#40168) - Highlight the selected data source in the notebook editor (#39542) - Snowflake alternative hostname implementation (#22133) **Bug fixes** - QB header jumps when switching between a simple and a notebook modes (#40334) - There is an additional border between the notebook and the query builder header (#40333) - Cannot save a question based on another question after converting to SQL (#40422) - Add Dimension field error handling (#40300) - Copying and pasting values from a spreadsheet to a filter and insert a unique value (#40265) - Allow running native queries with required parameters and no defaults (#40250) - Wide logos cover the icon to collapse the sidebar (#40153) - PNG dashboard card download doesn't do anything in MacOS Safari (#40095) - Inconsistent spacing around table and schema divider (#39999) - Data source is not initially highlighted for nested questions and models once their source is moved to a different collection (#39812) - Can't enlarge preview section while creating a model (#39628) - Getting fields in (Redshift) is slow (#38492) - Null values applied to filters with empty values in custom url from Click Behavior (#38489) - Zoom in from dashboard change visualization (#38307) - Updated native models may lose their result set metadata (#37009) - Can't use drag bar between editor and result pane while editing a model (#33982)


March 21, 2024, 9:42 a.m.
Metabase v0.49.1
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