Metabase - v0.43.2

Redesigned navigation and homepage, bookmarks, events and timelines, feature-level permissions, and more.

To see what’s new, check out our release announcement.

Redesigned navigation and homepage


  • Bump transitive (#23069)
  • Fix deadlock in pivot table connection management (#22981)

Bug fixes

  • Login page: Whitelabeled logo clips top of page if vertical (#23056)
  • Sign in input fields are outside of screen on mobile (#23028)
  • Filters are taking 100% viewport width on mobile/tablet in v.43.1 (#22996)
  • Updating data permissions counts questions as tables (#22984)
  • Size of bubbles not respected on scatter chart (#22929)
  • Strings in the time series chrome UI aren't tagged for translation (#22796)
  • dont read settings at require time (#22790)
  • Unable to edit field name and description in Field page (#22742)
  • Custom Expression aggregation in Metrics does not work (#22700)
  • CPU spiking every hour since v0.43.0 upgrade (#22636)
  • Negative Y axis points not rendered on scatter plot (#22527)
  • X-ray charts don't seem to respect whitelabel colors (#22476)
  • Users with block permissions see ambiguous error message when they open a dashboard (#22395)
  • It is possible to change filter column when filter date columns from the table header (#22332)
  • We should cut the "Navigation bar color" option from /admin/settings/whitelabel (#22221)
  • Site URL setting reverting to default randomly (#19487)
  • Cannot use Click Behavior for filters with multiple options selected (#17160)
  • Click Behavior with filter pass-thru causes permission error (even for admins) (#15993)


You can download a .jar of the release, or get the latest on Docker. Make sure to back up your Metabase
database before you upgrade! Need help? Check out our
upgrading instructions.

Docker image: metabase/metabase:v0.43.2
Download the JAR here:


SHA-256 checksum for the 0.43.2 JAR:



June 1, 2022, 2:15 a.m.
Metabase v0.43.2
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