Metabase - v1.42.2

This is a maintenance and bugfix release on our 42 series, which introduces Models, and ships with a lot of improvements, polish, and bug fixes.

To see what's new, check out our release announcement.


Bug fixes

  • Dashboards breaks when there's filters to cards that a user don't have permissions to view (#20656)
  • Questions with Field Filter with widget type "None" will not show results (#20643)
  • Can't combine saved questions on a dashboard card (#20637)
  • Setting a filter to "Locked" in Embedding question is not possible (#20634)
  • Nested queries with long Data Model names causes failing query with incorrect aliasing (#20627)
  • Dropdown list filtering not working, when there's nulls (#20618)
  • BigQuery - nested query generating bad aliases, when columns are renamed in Data Model (#20610)
  • Summarizing with implicit join does not allow subsequent joins and nested query (#20519)
  • Databases shows sync-spinner and doesn't allow to remove it or do a forced sync (#20283)


You can download a .jar of the release, or get the latest on Docker. Make sure to back up your Metabase
database before you upgrade! Need help? Check out our
upgrading instructions.

Docker image: metabase/metabase-enterprise:v1.42.2
Download the JAR here:


SHA-256 checksum for the 1.42.2 JAR:



Feb. 28, 2022, 9:14 p.m.
Metabase® Enterprise Edition™ v1.42.2
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