crossplane - v1.9.2

v1.9.2 bumps the crossplane-runtime version, in order to address a Crossplane vulnerability, caused by
These vulnerabilities were discovered thanks to the fuzz tests added to the Crossplane project by Ada Logics as part of a security audit sponsored by the CNCF.

What's Changed

  • [Backport release-1.9] docs: fix FromValue example of XR connection details by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.9] Add note recommending usage of SPDX License Identifiers by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.9] Docs: fix CombineFromComposite patch example by @github-actions in
  • Backport Hugo docs to v1.9 by @plumbis in
  • change version from float to string to fix site version menu by @plumbis in
  • [release-1.9] Update documentation with new package repos and links to search by @hasheddan in
  • [release-1.9] Fix missing getting started section in docs by @hasheddan in
  • [Backport 3440 to release 1.9] CLI install script: prefix variables by @pbenas in
  • Update v1.9 docs content to conform to new by @plumbis in
  • [Backport release-1.9] Add missing word by @github-actions in
  • [release-1.9] Rename docs repo (#3502) by @hasheddan in
  • [Backport release-1.9] Docs: Fiz docs about readinessChecks in the MatchInteger code snippet… by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.9] Restore packagePullPolicy Always polling behavior by @github-actions in
  • [release-1.9] Do not publish docs to documentation repo by @hasheddan in
  • [Backport release-1.9] Fix 404 on Helm chart icon by @github-actions in
  • Pin dependencies (release-1.9) by @renovate in
  • Update Docker digest to 5bda5a4 (release-1.9) by @renovate in
  • Update Docker digest to 450981e (release-1.9) by @renovate in
  • Update Docker digest to d2e0993 (release-1.9) by @renovate in
  • Update Docker digest to d02be0e (release-1.9) by @renovate in
  • Update Docker digest to 3c57678 (release-1.9) by @renovate in
  • [Release 1.9] bump crossplane-runtime to 0.16.1 by @lsviben in

New Contributors

  • @lsviben made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


March 9, 2023, 4 p.m.
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