crossplane - v1.15.2


Notable Changes

This is a patch release scoped to fixing issues reported by users of Crossplane v1.15. The issues of particular note that are resolved in this release are:

  • 5292 - Native patching behavior change - XR desired state dropped if a resource won't get all required schema values

  • Fixes a regression in the composition machinery that occurs when applying patches that fail.
  • After this fix, failures to apply patches to one resource in a composition will no longer block other resources within that composition from being applied.
  • This restores previous long standing behavior.
  • 5114 - Passing values in a composition to a required OpenAPI field causes an endless reconcile loop is also addressed by this fix.

What's Changed

  • [Backport release-1.15] fix: include generatName field in default metadata property by @github-actions in
  • fix(deps): update module to v25.0.5+incompatible [security] (release-1.15) by @renovate in
  • [Backport release-1.15] fix: ignore invalid resources when composing by @bobh66 in
  • [Backport release-1.15] Add missing scrape annotations to provider pods by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.15] Add dnsPolicy as parameter to Helm chart by @phisco in
  • chore(deps): update module to v0.23.0 [security] (release-1.15) by @renovate in
  • [Backport release-1.15] tests(e2e): allow passing options when decoding files by @phisco in
  • [Backport release-1.15] Add ToAdler32 to CRDs by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.15] fix(sa): Merge image pull secrets created by other controllers by @github-actions in

Full Changelog:


Security wording was detected, but no CVEs were found.


April 10, 2024, 7:23 p.m.
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