crossplane - v1.11.0


Release v1.11.0 is a regularly scheduled quarterly release that includes many exciting features that have been highly requested by the Crossplane community, such as Composition Functions, EnvironmentConfig, and promoting CompositionRevisions to beta.

Additionally, this v1.11.0 release includes a major documentation rewrite based on direct feedback from Crossplane users, and also focuses on stability fixes and design investigations.

New Features

  • Composition Function support introduced in alpha by @negz in You are now able to write your own custom composition logic, in any programming language of your choice, to augment Crossplane’s built-in patching and transform capabilities.
  • EnvironmentConfig support introduced in alpha by @MisterMX in It’s now possible to patch resources within a Composition by using configuration data from the general runtime environment, as opposed to being constrained to information available within a single composite resource.
  • Promoted CompositionRevisions to v1beta1 and are now enabled by default by @ezgidemirel in CompositionRevisions have been improved with feedback from the community and are now stabilized and ready for general production usage.

Notable Updates

  • This will be the last release to be published to Docker Hub, future releases will use instead by @nullable-eth in
  • ControllerConfing API has been deprecated by @hasheddan in
  • Lock API v1alpha1 has been dropped by @negz in
  • CompositionRevisions' names are built adding a partial hash suffix by @ezgidemirel in

What's Changed

  • Empty commit for after v1.10 by @muvaf in
  • Add new steps for docs by @plumbis in
  • Add support for deleteCompositePolicy by @bobh66 in
  • Validate docs content in CI and support one-command local dev by @hasheddan in
  • Update documentation with new package repos and links to search by @hasheddan in
  • Fix compositionRevision update conflict by @ezgidemirel in
  • Consume latest crossplane-runtime's fake.Composite to prevent panics caught by CNCF fuzzing tests by @ulucinar in
  • Update crossplane chart with correct pull secret value by @hasheddan in
  • Only match steering committee files in root by @hasheddan in
  • helm tolerations map > list by @apj0nes in
  • More granular comparison of Roles annotations during reconciliation. by @jmprusi in
  • Set crossplane user agent on package requests by @hasheddan in
  • Change 'Compute' to 'Computing' in CNCF by @nickbeaugie in
  • Ensure stable sorting of object references on package revisions by @hasheddan in
  • Updated readme: Added v1.11 and removed v.1.7 from supported releases by @shazib-summar in
  • [helm chart] Set GOMAXPROCS and GOMEMLIMIT based on resource limits by @epk in
  • Change the composition name to production by @mplzik in
  • Explicitly setting release namespace on resources by @AaronME in
  • feat(chart): Allow prepopulating cache from ConfigMap by @MisterMX in
  • Add reference policy concept to documentation by @sergenyalcin in
  • CLI install script: prefix variables by @pbenas in
  • Create composition revision names with partial hash by @ezgidemirel in
  • Add a design document for 'Composition Functions' by @negz in
  • Implement composition revision selector by @ezgidemirel in
  • Docs: Terrajet => Upjet by @luebken in
  • Enable mergeOptions for composition revisions by @eloo-abi in
  • feat(transform): Add match transform by @MisterMX in
  • Only update frontmatter on minor releases by @hasheddan in
  • Update Doc Argo CD Configuration by @clementblaise in
  • Enable the revive and nolintlint linters. by @negz in
  • fix broken link to helm provider by @csantanapr in
  • Promote CompositionRevision to v1beta1 by @ezgidemirel in
  • Correct spelling in Composition Functions design doc by @tobru in
  • fix all broken links in install-configure by @csantanapr in
  • Update build submodule to remove Go check by @hasheddan in
  • Update CompositionRevision guide and remove CURRENT marker by @ezgidemirel in
  • Update master docs content to conform to new by @plumbis in
  • Add missing word by @plumbis in
  • Switch Nathan for Ezgi in reviewers by @negz in
  • Fix enabling external secret stores in guide by @hasheddan in
  • Rename docs repo by @plumbis in
  • Remove notices that Composition Revision related fields are alpha by @negz in
  • Use goverter to automatically generate conversion code by @negz in
  • remove duplicate / partial paragraph in installation docs by @emilkje in
  • Fix out of sync code generation and always run check-diff by @hasheddan in
  • Update build submodule with docs hot reloading by @hasheddan in
  • Update build submodule with fixes for docs generation by @hasheddan in
  • fix(transforms): add match to kubebuilder enum by @pysysops in
  • Update docs styling guidelines for code blocks by @plumbis in
  • Move all Patch and Transform logic to the XR controller by @negz in
  • Docs: Fiz docs about readinessChecks in the MatchInteger code snippet… by @rafaeldomi in
  • Add agent-inject to crossplane itself by @jonnylangefeld in
  • Add a docs issue template to auto tag doc bugs by @plumbis in
  • Ignore Zone.Identifier files. Resolves #3535 by @plumbis in
  • Add a tutorial doc for composition revisions by @ezgidemirel in
  • feat(compositions): Support patching from Environment by @MisterMX in
  • Update docs guide to cover recent functions by @plumbis in
  • Use serviceAccountName for Service Account creation by @micnncim in
  • Fix get namespace error message by @hasheddan in
  • feat: Added commonLabel to label resources applied via Configuration by @akesser in
  • Add commentary for spec.serviceAccountName in ControllerConfig by @micnncim in
  • docs: fix typo by @phisco in
  • fix: bump dependencies to fix CVEs by @phisco in
  • Infra changes to move docs out by @plumbis in
  • Add links to docs issues, support requests by @negz in
  • Restore packagePullPolicy Always polling behavior by @hasheddan in
  • feat(transform): Add ToJson string conversion by @MisterMX in
  • Update release date for v1.11.0 by @hasheddan in
  • Regenerate Composition CRD by @hasheddan in
  • Fix 404 on Helm chart icon by @undera in
  • Fix constant reconciles on inactive package revisions by @hasheddan in
  • publish to upbound marketplace by @nullable-eth in
  • Remove docs dir and move packages & meta CRDs to cluster dir by @hasheddan in
  • Fix flaky unit test by using approximate time comparison by @hasheddan in
  • Support running Containerized Composition functions by @negz in
  • ci: renovate configuration by @phisco in
  • Update Docker digest to 11364b4 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update module to v1.6.12 [SECURITY] (master) by @renovate in
  • Pin dependencies (master) by @renovate in
  • Update all non-major github action (master) by @renovate in
  • ci: set renovate to also handle go digests by @phisco in
  • ci: set xfn base image tag too by @phisco in
  • Update actions/cache action to v3 (master) by @renovate in
  • feat(transform): Allow converting string to float as resource.Quantity by @MisterMX in
  • Update actions/checkout action to v3 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update actions/setup-go action to v3 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update actions/stale action to v7 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update codecov/codecov-action action to v3 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update actions/upload-artifact action to v3 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update docker/login-action action to v2 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update docker/setup-buildx-action action to v2 (master) by @renovate in
  • feat(transform): Add hash string conversion by @MisterMX in
  • ci: remove 1.8 from renovate's target branches by @phisco in
  • Add @phisco to reviewers by @negz in
  • Pin to Go 1.19.5 by @hasheddan in
  • Update docker/setup-qemu-action action to v2 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update fkirc/skip-duplicate-actions action to v5 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update github/codeql-action action to v2 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update Docker digest to c79ef2d (master) by @renovate in
  • Resurrect contributing docs and README banner by @negz in
  • Update golangci/golangci-lint-action action to v3 (master) by @renovate in
  • fuzzing: run fuzzers in CI by @AdamKorcz in
  • Make CodeQL part of the CI workflow, reduce Fuzzing to 5 mins from 10 by @negz in
  • Update zeebe-io/backport-action action to v1 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update xt0rted/slash-command-action action to v2 (master) by @renovate in
  • Update google/oss-fuzz digest to 700fd90 (master) by @renovate in
  • Use the same version of upload-artifact everywhere by @negz in
  • Update Docker digest to 5bda5a4 (master) by @renovate in
  • Have CodeQL job use the Go dep and build cache by @negz in
  • chore: renovate handling golangci-lint version in makefile by @phisco in
  • Update dependency golangci/golangci-lint to v1.50.1 (master) by @renovate in
  • Tell golangci-lint action not to try to cache by @negz in
  • ci: configure renovate to ignore oss-fuzz action updates by @phisco in
  • ci: add trivy filesystem scan job by @phisco in
  • Add fuzzer in Xcrd package by @AdamKorcz in
  • Bump crossplane-runtime, controller-runtime, and kubernetes deps by @negz in
  • Pin aquasecurity/trivy-action action to 9ab158e (master) by @renovate in
  • Update github/codeql-action digest to 3ebbd71 (master) by @renovate in
  • Mark ControllerConfing API as deprecated by @hasheddan in

New Contributors

  • @ezgidemirel made their first contribution in
  • @apj0nes made their first contribution in
  • @jmprusi made their first contribution in
  • @nickbeaugie made their first contribution in
  • @shazib-summar made their first contribution in
  • @mplzik made their first contribution in
  • @eloo-abi made their first contribution in
  • @clementblaise made their first contribution in
  • @csantanapr made their first contribution in
  • @emilkje made their first contribution in
  • @pysysops made their first contribution in
  • @rafaeldomi made their first contribution in
  • @jonnylangefeld made their first contribution in
  • @micnncim made their first contribution in
  • @akesser made their first contribution in
  • @undera made their first contribution in
  • @nullable-eth made their first contribution in
  • @AdamKorcz made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


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Jan. 31, 2023, 9:51 p.m.
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