crossplane - v1.13.2

v1.13.2 is another quick follow-up release addressing a few minor issues.

Notable Changes

  • Hashing transforms of strings were previously computed including quotes, we now properly handle strings.
  • Automatically migrate old Locks that are stored as v1alpha1 in etcd, if needed.
  • XRDs now properly copy top level descriptions and x-kubernetes-validation to the generated CRDs.

What's Changed

  • [Backport release-1.13] Update module to v0.16.1 (master) by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.13] fix: Include top-level description in CRDs generated from XRDs by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.13] fix: copy x-kubernetes-validations from spec to composite/claim CRDs by @phisco in
  • [Backport release-1.13] fix: avoid panics due to reflect.TypeOf usage by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.13] fix(crds): add crd migration for v1alpha1 by @phisco in
  • chore(deps): bump crossplane-runtime to v0.20.1 by @phisco in
  • [Backport release-1.13] fix(transforms): properly compute hashes for strings by @github-actions in

Full Changelog:


Aug. 9, 2023, 7:19 a.m.
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