crossplane - v1.7.0

Major Themes

The key theme of this release is "new features", we are shipping big features after a while.
We have the following two in this release:

  • External Secret Stores Support as an Alpha Feature
  • Webhook support for Crossplane and providers

Notable Updates

  • Remove deprecated v1beta1 APIs by @negz in (was already part of v1.6.0)
  • Add specification for xpkg images and extensions by @hasheddan in
  • Include imagePullSecrets to rbac-manager serviceaccount by @mcbenjemaa in
  • Only set package revision in context of ImageBackend Init() to avoid concurrent access issues by @hasheddan in
  • External Secret Support as an Alpha Feature by @turkenh in
  • Webhook support for crossplane and providers by @muvaf in


  • Delay v1.6 release until Jan 4th by @negz in
  • Add Design for External Secret Stores by @turkenh in
  • Match more windows uname output in install script by @hasheddan in
  • Provider development guide: Link Terrajet and provider-template by @turkenh in
  • Apply merge options from patch policy by @EdgeJ in
  • add customAnnotations in helm chart for serviceaccount by @dwerder in
  • Update the release table for v1.6 by @negz in
  • Docs: using the latest kind image by @luebken in
  • Make release template (arguably) less onerous by @negz in
  • Update go-containerregistry to v0.7.0 by @hasheddan in
  • Initialize feature flags in core by @negz in
  • Offer claim in composition concept docs by @hasheddan in
  • Add v1.6.1 to releases table in by @negz in
  • Docs: Adding a more info section about providers by @luebken in
  • Use bold formatting for xpkg spec motivation section by @hasheddan in
  • Adding distro information to the getting started guide by @grantgumina in
  • Update go and crossplane-runtime to the latest by @muvaf in
  • Fix #2805: Replace DOCKER_REGISTRY with PROJECT_NAME by @checkaayush in
  • Docs: Added all active providers with Github stars >= 10 by @luebken in
  • Consume the new k8schain implementation in ggcr by @hasheddan in
  • Update releases table to include v1.6.2 by @hasheddan in
  • Fixing a docs typo in the downstream distro section by @grantgumina in
  • docs: update downstream distribution getting started link by @muvaf in
  • fix(compositionrevision): Add missing JSON marshaller to CompositionRevision's MapTransform by @MisterMX in
  • Update releases table with v1.6.3, v1.5.2, v1.4.4 by @hasheddan in
  • Add missing word to composition revision guide by @jbw976 in
  • feat(bump-aws-versions): #2709 bump versions for provider-aws by @haarchri in
  • add(docs): registry self-signed certs by @natereid72 in
  • all: fix some typos by @cuishuang in
  • Fix failure to pull private packages due to URI scheme by @hasheddan in
  • Support package base layer descriptor in package images by @hasheddan in
  • Fixed small typo by @Piotr1215 in
  • Update releases table to reference v1.6.4 by @mcbenjemaa in
  • feat(xrd): Add support for version deprecation by @MisterMX in
  • Fix broken links in MR API one pager by @ytsarev in
  • Fixing incorrect link by @Piotr1215 in
  • [Backport release-1.7] Bump Postgresql version in the documentation samples by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.7] Update xpkg spec with webhook configurations in providers by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.7] Add customAnnotations parameter to the Helm chart by @github-actions in

New Contributors

  • @EdgeJ made their first contribution in
  • @dwerder made their first contribution in
  • @checkaayush made their first contribution in
  • @natereid72 made their first contribution in
  • @cuishuang made their first contribution in
  • @Piotr1215 made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


March 23, 2022, 1:28 p.m.
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