crossplane - v1.6.5

Notable Changes

Crossplane package specification is updated to support inclusion of ValidatingWebhookConfiguration and MutatingWebhookConfiguration kinds. With , the users on v1.6 will be able to install such packages by upgrading to v1.6.5. The support for deploying the webhooks depending on these files included in the package is included in versions v1.7 and above.

What's Changed

  • [Backport release-1.6] Fixing incorrect link by @github-actions in
  • [Backport release-1.6] Bump Postgresql version in the documentation samples by @github-actions in
  • [release-1.6] Allow packages with webhook configs to be installed in v1.6 without webhook support by @muvaf in
  • Prepare release-1.6 for v1.6.5 by @muvaf in

Full Changelog:


April 1, 2022, 9:12 a.m.
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