Telepresence - 2.9.4


  • Feature: The traffic-manager can automatically detect that the node subnets are different from the
    pod subnets, and switch detection strategy to instead use subnets that cover the pod IPs.

  • Bugfix: The telepresence helm command --set x=y flag didn't correctly set values of other types
    than string. The code now uses standard Helm semantics for this flag.

  • Bugfix: Telepresence now uses the correct agent.image properties in the Helm chart when copying
    agent image settings from the config.yml file.

  • Bugfix: Initialization of FTP type file sharing is delayed, so that setting it using the Helm chart
    value intercept.useFtp=true works as expected.

  • Bugfix: The port-forward that is created when Telepresence connects to a cluster is now properly
    closed when telepresence quit is called.


Dec. 5, 2022, midnight
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