Telepresence - 2.13.0


  • Feature: The Docker network used by a Kind or Minikube (using the "docker" driver) installation, is automatically
    detected and connected to a Docker container running the Telepresence daemon.

  • Feature: Mapped namespaces are included in the output of the telepresence status command.

  • Feature: There's a new --address flag to the intercept command allowing users to set the target IP of the intercept.

  • Bugfix: The kubeconfig is made self-contained before running Telepresence daemon in a Docker container.

  • Bugfix: The client will no longer need cluster wide permissions when connected to a namespace scoped Traffic Manager.

  • BugFix: The version command won't throw an error anymore if there is no kubeconfig file defined.


April 18, 2023, midnight
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