Telepresence - 2.11.0

(February 22, 2023)

  • Feature: When Telepresence detects that it runs in a docker container, it will now expose its DNS on localhost:53. This makes the
    container itself a DNS server. Very handy when other containers use --network container:[tp-container].

  • Feature: A new flag, --local-mount-port <port> will make telepresence intercept --detailed-output --output=[yaml|json] create
    a bridge to the remote SFTP service instead of starting an sshfs client. This enables the sshfs client to be started outside of the
    container, and thus, mount filesystems that then can be used as source for volumes that other containers will use.

  • Feature: The Telepresence daemon can now run as a long-lived process in a docker container so that CLI commands that
    run in other containers can use a common daemon for network access and intercepts.

  • Feature: A new boolean flag --detailed-output was added to the telepresence intercept command. It will output very
    detailed information about an intercept when used together with --output=[json|yaml].
    Pull Request 3013.

  • Feature: IPv6 support. Thanks to @0x6a77.
    Ticket 2978.

  • Feature: Adds two parameters --also-proxy and --never-proxy to the telepresence connect command.
    Ticket 2950.

  • Feature: Add a parameter --manager-namespace to the telepresence connect command.
    Ticket 2968

  • Feature: Add a configuration cluster.defaultManagerNamespace for setting the default manager namespace.
    Ticket 2968

  • Change: The namespace of the connected manager is now displayed in the telepresence status output.
    Ticket 2968

  • Change: Depreciate --watch flag in telepresence list command. This is now covered by --output json-stream

  • Change: Add --output option json-stream

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug when detecting VPN conflicts on macOS that removed conflicting gateway links.

  • Bugfix: Fixed a bug where connecting to certain VPNs that map the CIDR range of the cluster would result in no routes getting added.
    Ticket 3006

  • Bugfix: Support ARM64 architecture
    Ticket 2786


Feb. 22, 2023, midnight
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