NocoDB - 0.90.10

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What's New

Code Snippet is introduced in this version where you can find different sample code snippets for List API for reference.


Closed Issues

  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed][Status: Reproducible] Change a role from editor -> creator. User is not able to create table. #1959
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed][Type: In Development][Status: Reproducible] [Nested lookup] Lookup on a Lookup show empty record #1946
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed][Type: In Development][Status: Reproducible] Unable to delete table with Self m2m link #1945
  • [closed] Table names in postgres get the project id as prefix #1942
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed][Status: Reproducible] Dialog containing monaco editor closes on click #1932
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] meta database tables shown in UI #1910
  • [Status: More Info Needed][Status: Fixed] XC Swager UI fails to load in local docker container #1900
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] Swager API doc shows endpoints from all projects #1899
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] Inconsistent response for deprecated URL paths #1895
  • [Type: Bug][DB: Postgres][Status: Fixed] PG Formula issue #1873
  • [Status: Fixed] Lookup columns used in filters and formulas cause errors #1866
  • [Type: Bug][DB: Postgres][Status: Fixed] DATEADD function interval argument issue #1865
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] Number and date calculation fail to render in UI #1864
  • [Type: Bug] Issue in deleting related tables #1861
  • [Priority: Critical][Type: 0.90 Migration] Migration error from 0.84.16 to 0.90.7 for sqlite3 database #1847
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] List API failing if child table has a JSON column #1835
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] error 400 when upload to S3 #1822
  • [Status: Fixed][Scope: UI / UX] Table alias in tooltip for relational columns should not be shown #1880
  • [Status: Fixed][Scope: UI / UX] Styling issue with Team & Settings modal #1793
  • [Status: Fixed][Type: 0.90 Migration] Migration from 0.84.16 to 0.90.4 failed (mssql, docker) #1790
  • [Status: Fixed][Priority: Critical] Existing sqlite is not working #1956
  • [Status: Resolved][DB: Postgres][Status: Reproducible] Can't create a new column with PK option #1947
  • [Status: Resolved][Scope : DevOps] [Feature] Single click end to end release action #1776
  • [Status: Resolved][Scope: UI / UX] multiple LTAR to same table- not distinguishable in UI #1811
  • [Type: Feature][Status: Resolved] [Feature] Use column name in lookup instead of table/relation type #1768
  • [For: Community] Cannot change the column to SingleLineText to LongText #1930
  • [Type: Enhancement][Status: Resolved][Scope : DevOps] Update nocodb-sdk to local path after release #1925
  • [closed] Failed to Update csv file - 400 #1918
  • [closed] cannot import excel spreadsheets on v0.90.8 #1915
  • [closed] Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes #1883
  • [closed] System fields not being appropriately marked for linked records on Postgres #1754

What's Changed

  • fix: meta tables shown in tree view by @wingkwong in
  • feat: PR Release by @wingkwong in
  • enhancement: gitHub actions by @wingkwong in
  • chore(deps): bump ejs from 3.0.1 to 3.1.7 in /packages/nc-migrator-archived by @dependabot in
  • chore(deps): bump ejs from 3.1.6 to 3.1.7 in /packages/nocodb by @dependabot in
  • chore(deps): bump sqlite3 from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3 in /scripts/cypress/fixtures/sqlite-sakila/regenFiles by @dependabot in
  • chore(deps): bump sqlite3 from 5.0.0 to 5.0.3 in /packages/nocodb by @dependabot in
  • fix: monaco editor dialog closes on click by @mertmit in
  • fix: allow to edit the length of a nvarchar (mssql). #1930 by @titouancreach in
  • fix: Nested lookup by @pranavxc in
  • docs: add titouancreach as a contributor for code by @allcontributors in
  • chore(deps): bump sqlite3 from 5.0.2 to 5.0.3 by @dependabot in
  • refactor: error message / default value label by @wingkwong in
  • test/fix: wait for project tab to become available by @dstala in
  • Fix - SQLite project bug by @pranavxc in
  • fix: add missing upd cache logic when updating roles by @wingkwong in
  • fix: m2m delete logic by @wingkwong in
  • Feat/code snippet by @pranavxc in
  • fix: use union all instead of union since rows will be unique by @pranavxc in
  • webhook improvements by @wingkwong in
  • 0.90.9 Pre-release by @github-actions in
  • Release 0.90.9 by @github-actions in

New Contributors

  • @titouancreach made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


May 4, 2022, 11:44 a.m.
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