NocoDB - 0.91.10

🚀 NocoDB : Bug Fix Release

Closed issue

  • [Scope : DevOps] update-sdk-path / release #2374
  • [Status: Resolved] 0.91.8 - Import Airtable to MariaDB not working - unauthorized access #2362
  • [Type: Bug][DB: MySQL][DB: Postgres][DB: SQLite][Status: Fixed] DateTimePicker not saved #2354
  • [Status: Resolved][DB: SQLite] Can't delete the table after import csv as DateTime with SQLite #2347
  • [Status: Resolved][Status: Reproducible] error importing CSV file ; can't access property "WBProps" e.wb.Workbook is undefined #2334
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Reproducible] Delete table error (with relational column) #2047

What's Changed

  • fix(sync): handle existing user on project by @mertmit in
  • fix: sync duplicate column_name after sanitize by @mertmit in
  • fix: treat decimal as double in mysql by @dstala in
  • fix: exclude date1904 fix from csv quick import by @wingkwong in
  • fix: delete project: in cache for disable shared base by @wingkwong in
  • fix: make email case-insensitive by @pranavxc in
  • 0.91.10 Pre-release by @github-actions in

Full Changelog:


June 15, 2022, 9:09 a.m.
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