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Display-Value column can be formula and sticky :

  • One of the most requested feature was to make the Display-Value column as formula and sticky.
  • Formula column as sticky would mean : you can combine regular columns of a table and lookups to easily and uniquely recognisable value for that row. Specially helpful when you are browsing a LinkToAnotherRecord
  • A sticky display-value would mean : you can horizontally scroll the spreadsheet without losing the context of the display-value.

PS : Primary-Value columns are now called Display-Value columns

Filters are now business users friendly

  • We've introduced two new filter types is blank and is not blank, which filter outs the blank cells (null or empty values).
  • By default, is null, is not null, is empty and is not empty will be hidden. However, you can enable back by checking Show NULL and EMPTY in Filter in Project Setting.

Besides, some filter types will be removed or migrated. Please refer below summary for reference.

❗Breaking changes

  • Text-based columns:
  • Unnecessary filters removed : >, <, >=, <=
  • Numeric-based / SingleSelect columns:
  • Unnecessary filters removed : like
  • migrate null, and empty to blank
  • Checkbox columns:
  • Unnecessary filters removed : equal
  • migrate empty and null to notchecked
  • MultiSelect columns:
  • Unnecessary filters removed : like
  • migrate equal, null, empty
  • Attachment columns:
  • Unnecessary filters removed : >, <, >=, <=, equal
  • migrate empty, null to blank
  • LTAR columns:
  • Unnecessary filters removed : >, <, >=, <=
  • migrate empty, null to blank
  • Lookup columns:
  • migrate empty, null to blank
  • Duration columns:
  • Unnecessary filters removed : like
  • migrate empty, null to blank

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  • [πŸ› Type: Bug] πŸ› Bug: Refresh token leads to logging out #3792
  • [πŸ› Type: Bug] πŸ› Bug: Project info not copied to clipboard - where to find needed info? #3598
  • [πŸ”¦ Type: Feature][πŸ‘“ Scope : View] Make the primary column sticky #3583
  • [πŸ”¦ Type: Feature][🟣 Priority: Low][πŸ‘“ Scope : View] [Feature] Delete record option in Gallery view #2101
  • [πŸ”Ž Status: More Info Needed][πŸ₯… DB : MSSQL] Users not displayed #1351
  • [πŸ”¦ Type: Feature][🏎 Scope : Row] Feature : Duplicate/clone row #435


Feb. 16, 2023, 12:58 p.m.
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