NocoDB - 0.204.9

🐛 Closed Issues

  • [closed] 🐛 Bug: Insert data API(v2) not returning proper response #7945
  • [Status: Reproducible] 🐛 Bug: When editing a field name, the formula using it are updated, but the calculated value is ERR #7923
  • [closed] 🐛 Bug: ctrl+click on base/table/view to open in new tab is not working in Window/Linux #7920
  • [closed] 🔦 Feature: While editing webhook show bulk hooks in disabled state #7913
  • [Status: Reproducible] 🐛 Bug: Attachment file names have redundant file extension if MIME type extension != existing file extension #7897
  • [closed] Failed to resolve entry for package "nocodb-sdk"🐛 Bug: #7896
  • [closed] 🐛 Bug: nocodb-sdk uses PUT instead of PATCH for api.dbDataTableRow.update #7886
  • [🐛 Type: Bug] 🐛 Bug: form with default value configured for select field leads to error #7869
  • [closed] Where should I modify the sorting data query logic in order to customize the sorting functionality? #7737

What's Changed

  • Sync master with develop branch by @pranavxc in
  • Release 0.204.7 by @github-actions in
  • Nc option to block users by @pranavxc in
  • Post-release : Sync master with develop branch by @pranavxc in
  • Nc feat/one to one by @pranavxc in
  • Nc fix(nc-gui): Use control key instead of ctrl from useMagicKeys by @rameshmane7218 in
  • Nc fix: Form view bug fixes by @rameshmane7218 in
  • feat: errors v2 by @mertmit in
  • fix(nc-gui): Hide Members tab for base when user doesn't have newUser permission by @IFGGit in
  • New Crowdin updates by @o1lab in
  • Nc fix/links excluded list modal offset bug by @dstala in
  • Nc feat(nc-gui): disable webhook bulk events while editing webhook by @rameshmane7218 in
  • fix: formula error on field title update by @mertmit in
  • Nc fix(nc-gui): form attachment visibility issue on upload by @rameshmane7218 in
  • chore: increase timeout for running fe & be by @mertmit in
  • chore(renovate): Update patch (patch) by @renovate in
  • New Crowdin updates by @o1lab in
  • Sync master by @pranavxc in
  • 0.204.8 Pre-release by @github-actions in
  • Release 0.204.8 by @github-actions in
  • chore(renovate): Update patch to v0.204.8 (patch) by @renovate in
  • chore: update upgradeNocodbSdk script by @mertmit in
  • New Crowdin updates by @o1lab in
  • chore(renovate): Update patch (patch) by @renovate in
  • Post-release sync by @pranavxc in
  • chore: create PR for master sync after release by @mertmit in
  • fix: Use column title as alias in bulk insert return statement by @pranavxc in
  • 0.204.9 Pre-release by @github-actions in

Full Changelog:


March 23, 2024, 2:28 p.m.
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