NocoDB - 0.204.7

🐛 Closed Issues

  • [closed] 🐛 Bug: User permissions on base get reset #7902
  • [closed] [Question] I want to understand how you used sheet js to build you smart sheet? #7893
  • [closed] The interface in the controller always redirects to the login page. #7887
  • [closed] NocoDB random table identifier on V2 API Spec #7879
  • [closed] 🐛 Bug: multi field editor option colour change #7874
  • [closed] 🐛 Bug: Roles other than superadmin don't have ability to edit own comment #7870
  • [closed] 🔦 Feature: Swap keyboard shortcut for going to first and last pages #7853
  • [closed] 🔦 Feature: Allow to set global default for interpreting LongText columns as Markdown ("rich text") #7832
  • [Status: Reproducible] 🐛 Bug: bug with column edit when working with multi select field #7733
  • [closed] 🐛 Bug: Unable to render this definition. The provided definition does not specify a valid version field. #7657
  • [closed] 🐛 Bug: Record URL is broken #7453

What's Changed

  • Release 0.204.5 by @github-actions in
  • chore: downgrade sqlite version for executable by @pranavxc in
  • Post-release master to develop sync by @pranavxc in
  • Tweak terminology by @salim-b in
  • New Crowdin updates by @o1lab in
  • Nc feat: Swap keyboard shortcut for going to first and last pages by @rameshmane7218 in
  • chore(deps): Add integrity for the xlsx tarball by @IFGGit in
  • fix(nocodb): comment update not working for roles other than superAdmin by @DarkPhoenix2704 in
  • Nc fix(nc-gui): select type fields default value update issue by @rameshmane7218 in
  • fix: api-snippet-v2 by @dstala in
  • feat(nc-gui): new share ui by @DarkPhoenix2704 in
  • fix(nc-gui): Hide Rename, Delete, Add record buttons when user doesn't have necessary permissions by @IFGGit in
  • Nc fix/scroll behavior by @dstala in
  • Revert "feat(nc-gui): new share ui" by @dstala in
  • Nc fix(nc-gui): MFE select field type options color change issue by @rameshmane7218 in
  • chore(deps): bump follow-redirects from 1.15.5 to 1.15.6 in /packages/noco-docs by @dependabot in
  • Document NC_MAX_ATTACHMENTS_ALLOWED by @salim-b in
  • fix(nc-gui): incorrect maxAttachmentSize by @wingkwong in
  • chore(renovate): Update patch (patch) by @renovate in
  • fix: Always store full version data of base-users in cache by @pranavxc in
  • Release 0.204.6 by @github-actions in
  • 0.204.7 Pre-release by @pranavxc in

New Contributors

  • @salim-b made their first contribution in
  • @IFGGit made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


March 19, 2024, 3:19 p.m.
0.204.7: Bug Fix Release
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