NocoDB - 0.92.3

🚀 NocoDB : Bug Fix Release

Closed issue

  • [closed] Wrong records shown when several tables are linked together #2512
  • [closed] [Feature] nc-help, nc-common source cod #2504
  • [Status: Resolved] Need a shell file to download the latest executale #2497
  • [Status: Resolved] [i18n] Language support extension-it #2491
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed][Type: In Development] Can't create new tables #2464
  • [Status: Resolved] BullMQ: DEPRECATION WARNING! Your redis options maxRetriesPerRequest must be null. #2452
  • [Type: Feature][Status: Resolved] health check api #2451
  • [Status: Resolved][Scope : Documentation] docs: timely build #2447
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] Webhook trigger issue for some UI types #2443
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] diacritics are garbled in csv import #2439
  • [Status: Resolved][Priority: High][Type: In Development] LTAR: many to many #2429
  • [Type: Enhancement][Status: Resolved] handling of numerics by REPEAT() and LEN() function. Possibilities to zero-pad a numeric column #2428
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] expired token still usable #2422
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed][Status: Reproducible] [FORM VIEW] Required fields can be blank #2412
  • [Status: Resolved][Type: In Development] first login attempt fails after migration #2396
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] [API] Export table as csv not work #2395
  • [Status: Resolved][DB: MSSQL][Status: Reproducible] MSSQL: udpated_at field is not updating in latest version #2379
  • [Type: Bug][DB: Postgres][Status: Fixed] PostgreSQL changing type to numeric fails for column that has space in name #2353
  • [Type: Enhancement][Status: Resolved] [Feature] Env variables for super-admin, SMTP & S3 #2319
  • [Type: Enhancement][Status: Resolved] CONCAT formula #2304
  • [Type: Bug][Status: Fixed] Failed to Update Row - 400 #1469
  • [Status: Resolved][DB: MSSQL] Unable to use non-dbo schema in mssql #1342

What's Changed

  • fix find one to return empty object by @vijayrathore8492 in
  • fix: cypress quick test enable in CICD by @dstala in
  • test: import verification tests by @dstala in
  • fix(migration): foreign key length correction by @pranavxc in
  • fix: missing LTAR values in MM cells by @wingkwong in
  • fix: duplicate pv by @willnewii in
  • docs: noco docs by @wingkwong in
  • 0.92.1 Pre-release by @github-actions in
  • Release 0.92.1 by @github-actions in


July 1, 2022, 1:50 p.m.
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