NocoDB - 0.99.0

🚀 NocoDB Feature Release : Easy cell edit for all data types 🚀

🥬 What's new .. What's fresh ?

Edit all data types within a cell with ease of keyboard. No mouse required.

  • Just hit enter on each cell. And edit the cell as you like.
  • Examples :
  • Even supports adding new single-select and multi-select option this way.
  • Press a number to change the rating.
  • Press space bar on a cell to open the row in expanded form.

Account Settings for Users and Super Admin

  • Super-admin gets new privilege to do seamless user management. (Exclusive to super admin)
    • org-level-creator role - this user can create a new project and access any invited project
    • org-level-viewer role - this user can't create a new project but they can access any invited project
  • New Signup can be enabled/disabled the super-admin with just a click of mouse. (Exclusive to super admin)
  • No longer it's required to set env variable for this.
  • Reset Password
  • The page for changing passwords is now moved to Users > Reset Password.
  • Token management
    • All new tokens created will be associated created user permissions. Easy to reason about.
    • Existing token will work as it is and only be visible to the super admin.

🕐 Now, its demo time

Account Settings


👀 Coming soon - a teaser below 👀 🎉 🚀

  • Supporting multiple database from a single project 🤯 🤟 ❤️

We cannot wait to release them soon. 🤝

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What's Changed

  • Release 0.98.4 by @github-actions in
  • chore(deps): bump loader-utils from 1.4.0 to 1.4.1 in /packages/noco-docs by @dependabot in
  • chore(deps): bump loader-utils from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 in /packages/nc-cli by @dependabot in
  • fix flitersync typo by @vijayrathore8492 in
  • add project Id with filterparent requests by @vijayrathore8492 in
  • improve like operator by @vijayrathore8492 in
  • disallow date picker from opening if column is primary key by @vijayrathore8492 in
  • Save and restore last opened view by @ketewan in
  • feat(testing): Removed cypress from CI by @mustafapc19 in
  • fix(nocodb): wrap the second argument in formula RIGHT by @wingkwong in
  • Fix column validations by @vijayrathore8492 in
  • fix(nc-gui): ref access in auth middleware by @bcakmakoglu in
  • fix(test): Maximum timeout for each instance is 30 minutes and improved quick test CI configuration by @mustafapc19 in
  • fix(test): Fixed quick ci pg config by @mustafapc19 in
  • fix(test): Improved playwright README by @mustafapc19 in
  • feat(nocodb): write temp file to os.tmpdir() instead of process.cwd by @wingkwong in
  • fix(test): Moved playwright folder outside nc-gui by @mustafapc19 in
  • fix(nocodb): fail to update records with multiple primary keys by @wingkwong in
  • fix(nc-gui): encode copy record url by @wingkwong in
  • Fix: Grid cell - keyboard shortcut issues by @pranavxc in
  • chore(deps): bump loader-utils from 1.4.0 to 1.4.2 in /packages/nocodb by @dependabot in
  • Add content-type to S3-compatible storages by @openmind-bergmann in
  • fix: pg_jsonb_type_mistake by @willnewii in
  • fix: validators by @wingkwong in
  • Feat: Super admin - user management by @pranavxc in
  • Feat: Secure swagger endpoint by @pranavxc in
  • fix(nc-gui): apply ltr/rtl direction on language switch by @bcakmakoglu in
  • fix: try to fetch link data only for imported tables by @mertmit in
  • Fix: Grid view - make select field editable in form view by @pranavxc in
  • chore(deps): bump loader-utils from 2.0.3 to 2.0.4 in /packages/nc-cli by @dependabot in
  • chore(deps): bump loader-utils from 2.0.2 to 2.0.4 in /packages/nc-gui by @dependabot in
  • chore(deps): bump loader-utils from 1.4.1 to 1.4.2 in /packages/noco-docs by @dependabot in
  • refactor(workflows): bumb github action versions by @wingkwong in
  • Fix: Super admin followup by @pranavxc in
  • refactor(nc-gui): reduce computed values generated by cells by @bcakmakoglu in
  • fix: correct api sample template strings by @spaudanjo in
  • New Crowdin updates by @o1lab in
  • Lang zh-TW by @bestlong in
  • UI improvements and corrections by @pranavxc in
  • fix(nc-gui): avoid keeping unnecessary props when switching column type by @wingkwong in
  • fix: query field by @wingkwong in
  • feat: Toolbar - close toolbar menu on escape key press by @pranavxc in
  • Fix: Table rename - use user inputed value as alias by @pranavxc in
  • Fix: Grid - percentage cell bugs by @pranavxc in
  • Fix: Grid view - tab switch bug by @pranavxc in
  • fix: shared gallery view by @wingkwong in
  • feat: add Save & Exit and Save & Stay buttons in Expanded Form by @wingkwong in
  • feat: toolbar followup by @wingkwong in
  • Feat: autofocus password field in password protected shared view by @pranavxc in
  • fix(nc-gui): reduce of empty array with no initial value by @wingkwong in
  • Fix: Re-render page if navigation error thrown by @pranavxc in
  • Feat: Grid - Single/Multi select add option directly from cell if missing by @pranavxc in
  • chore(deps): bump from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1 in /packages/nocodb by @dependabot in
  • docs: nocodb documentation by @wingkwong in
  • Refactor: Grid - Single/Multi select followup by @pranavxc in
  • fix: permission correction by @pranavxc in
  • 0.99.0 Pre-release by @github-actions in

New Contributors

  • @ketewan made their first contribution in
  • @openmind-bergmann made their first contribution in
  • @spaudanjo made their first contribution in
  • @bestlong made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Nov. 22, 2022, 12:48 p.m.
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