Cilium - v1.12.19

We are pleased to release Cilium v1.12.19. This release contains various bug fixes and CI / usability improvements.

Summary of Changes

Minor Changes:
* api/cli: Encryption status now includes rendering IPsec status in JSON. (Backport PR #30390, Upstream PR #30167, @viktor-kurchenko)

CI Changes:
* ci/ipsec: Fix version retrieval for downgrades to closest patch release (Backport PR #30678, Upstream PR #30503, @qmonnet)
* gha: explicilty specify beefier runner type for clustermesh workflows (Backport PR #30390, Upstream PR #30335, @giorio94)
* gha: make runner type for clustermesh workflows configurable (Backport PR #30678, Upstream PR #30496, @giorio94)
* Rework GHA workflows to checkout the untrusted context in a separate directory for increased separation (Backport PR #30390, Upstream PR #30207, @giorio94)

Misc Changes:
* bpf: lb: return drop reasons from __lb4_rev_nat() (Backport PR #30511, Upstream PR #30410, @julianwiedmann)
* chore(deps): update docker tag to v1.21.6 (v1.12) (#30243, @renovate[bot])
* chore(deps): update hubble cli to v0.13.0 (v1.12) (minor) (#30276, @renovate[bot])
* doc: Add Azure CNI Powered by cilium as external installer (Backport PR #30390, Upstream PR #28286, @tamilmani1989)
* docs: warn users that IPsec and KPR are mutual exclusive (Backport PR #30511, Upstream PR #30403, @f1ko)

Other Changes:
* [v1.12] ci/ipsec: Fix downgrade version for release preparation commits (#30714, @qmonnet)
* envoy: Bump envoy version to v1.26.7 (#30695, @sayboras)
* gke: Bump gke minimum versions (#30676, @sayboras)
* install: Update image digests for v1.12.18 (#30316, @gentoo-root)


Feb. 14, 2024, 11:33 p.m.
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