Operator Framework SDK - v1.19.0



  • Add official binary builds for darwin/arm64. (#5581)
  • User is not able to run the operator-sdk run bundle in local kind-registry as --skip-tls flag is deprecated. OPM introduced new flags --skip-tls-verify and --use-http. This fix will enable the newly introduced flags. (#5617)
  • For the helm/v1 plugin, parsed the "helm.sdk.operatorframework.io/reconcile-period" value from the custom resource annotations for helm operators. This value is then set to the 'ReconcilePeriod' field of the reconciler to reconcile the cluster in the specified intervals of time. (#5585)
  • Added log so that URL verification errors when starting the ansible-operator are not silently swallowed. (#5595)
  • Reverted removal of --skip-tls flag and mark the flag as deprecated. (#5633)


  • scorecard will now printout test results, if any, even when there is a context timeout. This will allow underlying errors from a test to be shown helping users address the issues. (#5628)

Bug Fixes

  • (java/v1alpha) bumped the java-operator-plugins dependency to v0.3.0. (#5588)
  • Add the labels defined in the Manager (Operator Deployment) to the ClusterServiceVersions DeploymentSpecs to ensure that they will also be provided to the integration with OLM (CSV). (#5533)


April 8, 2022, 5:36 p.m.
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