Operator Framework SDK - v1.26.1



  • operator-sdk run bundle(-upgrade): Change default of the --security-context-config flag to be legacy instead of restricted. (#6226)
  • operator-sdk run bundle: When creating the CatalogSource, we now set the grpcPodConfig.SecurityContextConfig to the value of the --security-context-config flag. (#6226)

Bug Fixes

  • operator-sdk bundle validate: Fix a bug in the Kubernetes 1.25 validation logic that would warn that a Kubernetes resource was deprecated without checking the group that contains the resource. (i.e if apps/deployments was deprecated and you used other/deployments you would recieve a warning)". The validation logic will now verify the group and resource before issuing a warning. (#6231)
  • operator-sdk run bundle(-upgrade): Fix a bug where SQLite bundle images were failing to be run properly due to a change in the default channel that is used by run bundle(-upgrade) when creating a subscription. (#6226)
  • operator-sdk run bundle(-upgrade): Update the logic used to set a Registry Pod's PSA configuration to fix a bug where a Pod's containers still had a restrictive SecurityContext even when setting --security-context-config=legacy. (#6226)


Feb. 8, 2023, 4:53 p.m.
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