Minio - RELEASE.2024-03-21T23-13-43Z

What's Changed

  • write anything beyond 4k to be written in 4k pages by @harshavardhana in
  • fix wrong time.Parse params order by @alingse in
  • implement a flag to specify custom crossdomain.xml by @harshavardhana in
  • fix: add a default requests deadline when deadline is 0 by @harshavardhana in
  • add deprecated expiry_workers to be ignored by @harshavardhana in
  • add additional logs for the decom during metadata save by @harshavardhana in
  • feat: add user to NOTIFY_REDIS by @jiuker in
  • change the notification queue full message by @harshavardhana in
  • list: Fix IsTruncated and NextMarker when encountering expired objects by @vadmeste in
  • xl: Purge instead of moving to trash with near filled disks by @vadmeste in
  • crypto: generate OEK using HMAC-SHA256 instead of SHA256 by @aead in
  • decom: Fix failed status after a failed decommission by @vadmeste in
  • Handle zero versions qualified for expiration by @krisis in
  • avoid triggering heals on metacache files if any by @harshavardhana in
  • add IAM policyDB lookup fallbacks to drives by @harshavardhana in
  • replication: enforce precondition for multipart by @poornas in
  • fix: peer addr returned as empty string by @anjalshireesh in
  • fix: Fix crash when logging events and anonymous is enabled by @vadmeste in
  • use retry during policy reload from drives by @harshavardhana in
  • Encode dir obj names before expiration by @krisis in
  • fix batch snowball to close channel after listing finishes by @poornas in

New Contributors

  • @alingse made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


March 22, 2024, 8:48 p.m.
Bugfix Release
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