Minio - RELEASE.2022-11-26T22-43-32Z


  • Optimizations in Multipart code-path in multi-pool setups, via #16086
  • Fixes a regression in server side replication due to ETag mismatch issue under specific type of MinIO setups, fixed via #16129

What's Changed

  • bucket resync: persist reset id to bucket metadata by @poornas in
  • avoid partID lock validating uploadID exists prematurely by @harshavardhana in
  • fix: skip free version ID and marker in metadata equality by @harshavardhana in
  • config: Return XMinioConfigNotFound code for non existing config by @vadmeste in
  • update single drive setup error message by @harshavardhana in
  • Reduce temporary file clean-up waits by @klauspost in
  • fix: checking for stale STS account under site replication by @vadmeste in
  • fix: duplicated shared prefix with custom delimiter when listing by @klauspost in
  • fix: Timestamp not added in diagnostics report by @anjalshireesh in
  • notify: Return detailed err msg when connecting to target fails by @vadmeste in
  • wrapped error will not equal by @jiuker in
  • add disk.Close() in healFreshDisk to indicate idiomatic flow of code by @jiuker in
  • preserve replicated ETag properly on target by @poornas in

Full Changelog:


Nov. 27, 2022, 4:37 a.m.
Bugfix Release
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