Minio - RELEASE.2023-11-01T01-57-10Z

What's Changed

  • upgrade container base image to ubi-9 by @aead in
  • update go mod and CREDITS by @harshavardhana in
  • fix: do not preserve mtime during CopyObject() metadata updates by @harshavardhana in
  • Preserve replica timestamps in multipart by @poornas in
  • fix:Canceling the heal caused goroutine to leak. by @jiuker in
  • fix: update the user cache while adding service accounts with expiry by @Praveenrajmani in
  • fix: parse the subsys env error by @jiuker in
  • add MC_CONFIG_DIR to use mc from writable path by @harshavardhana in
  • Reload replication targets lazily if missing by @poornas in
  • Log targetID String instead of Name when event notification error occurs by @mctoohey in
  • switch minio container base image to ubi-mciro by @aead in
  • Re-add duplicate upload id sanity check. by @klauspost in
  • Added graphs for KMS metrics by @shtripat in
  • fix: tiering statistics handling a bug in clone() implementation by @harshavardhana in
  • fix: expiration time for share link when using OpenID by @adriangitvitz in
  • Add check for reverse proxy setups by @allanrogerr in
  • fix: allow missing hot-tier accounting by @harshavardhana in
  • fix: relax enforcing filename on PostPolicy by @DaniElectra in
  • Change behavior of service account empty policies by @taran-p in
  • build(deps): bump from 0.4.5 to 0.4.6 by @dependabot in

New Contributors

  • @adriangitvitz made their first contribution in
  • @DaniElectra made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Nov. 1, 2023, 10:52 a.m.
Bugfix release
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