Minio - RELEASE.2022-12-07T00-56-37Z

What's Changed

  • fix: in disk cache readCacheFileStream should closed upon return by @jiuker in
  • Start PR on Enterprise when there is new MinIO Version by @cniackz in
  • kms: add support for KES enclaves by @aead in
  • fix: update the JSON keys for latest 'mc' release by @harshavardhana in
  • Run staticcheck on CI by @klauspost in
  • opt: Only stream big data usage caches by @klauspost in
  • Avoid hot loop when lock is cancelled by @klauspost in
  • avoid logging gzipped body in trace output by @harshavardhana in
  • Add minimal setup command to helm chart's readme by @rebrendov in
  • helm: modify the job create order by @dormanze in
  • s3: Return correct error when Version is invalid in policy document by @vadmeste in
  • use readlock instead of writelock to get heal information by @jiuker in
  • Remove go1.18 from Github workflow tests by @vadmeste in
  • Add X-Amz-Request-Id to internode calls by @vadmeste in
  • xl: Delete older data-dir when replacing an existing version-id by @vadmeste in
  • Bump up madmin-go to v2 by @donatello in
  • Populate end_session_endpoint by @reivaj05 in

New Contributors

  • @rebrendov made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Dec. 7, 2022, 1:33 a.m.
Bugfix Release
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