Minio - RELEASE.2024-01-28T22-35-53Z


  • Fixes an important racy behavior upon deadlines to avoid sharing state()
    when disks are hung or misbehaving in PR #18861
  • Pre-Allocate memory by default for all deployments. this increase performance
    in almost all the scenarios from small to large objects
  • Fixes a websocket grid panic upon nil channel close.
  • Introduces new API for ServerUpdate and ServiceRestart that provide a more
    distributed view of the entire process.
  • Startup sequence for large setups now can restart < 30secs even on a busy setup.

What's Changed

  • fix: remove policy mapping file when empty by @donatello in
  • grid: Return rejection reason by @klauspost in
  • introduce new ServiceV2 API to handle guided restarts by @harshavardhana in
  • add new drive I/O waiting/tokens metric by @harshavardhana in
  • improve server update behavior by re-using memory properly by @harshavardhana in
  • Distribution bucket metrics with site replication by @shtripat in
  • Add extra protection for grid reconnects by @klauspost in
  • compress binary while sending it to all the nodes by @harshavardhana in
  • avoid reload of 'format.json' over the network under normal conditions by @harshavardhana in
  • site replication: remove extraneous log for missing group by @poornas in
  • pre-allocate memory by default by @harshavardhana in
  • Helm: add cilium networkpolicy by @QuantumEnigmaa in
  • feat(chart): add support to set the display name of OpenID provider by @lentidas in
  • Helm: Add apiVersion and kind to the StatefulSets volumeClaimTemplates by @ItsKev in
  • Correct a mistake in the value.yaml of minio helm chart by @Albert-W in
  • add necessary protection err, fileInfo slice reads and writes by @harshavardhana in
  • Fix startup message when using single path by @fwessels in
  • Fix all racy use of NewDeadlineWorker by @klauspost in
  • Add separate grid reconnection mutex by @klauspost in
  • fix replication error logs to include target endpoint by @poornas in
  • fix: Re-use TCP connections for Kafka dials by @Praveenrajmani in
  • migrate bootstrap logic directly to websockets by @harshavardhana in
  • further bootstrap/startup optimization for reading 'format.json' by @harshavardhana in
  • Fix inspect format.json exclusion by @klauspost in
  • allow bucket import to be idempotent by @harshavardhana in
  • remove unnecessary logs in HealBucket() by @harshavardhana in
  • add new update v2 that updates per node, allows idempotent behavior by @harshavardhana in
  • avoid 'panic' on mc admin update for single drive setup by @harshavardhana in
  • Update by @cesnietor in
  • fix: regression in internode bytes counting by @harshavardhana in
  • update() stale rebalance stats() object during pool expansion by @harshavardhana in
  • add missing proper error return in WalkDir() by @harshavardhana in
  • grid: Simpler reconnect logic by @klauspost in
  • avoid close 'nil' panics if any by @harshavardhana in
  • remove local disk metrics from cluster metrics by @harshavardhana in
  • fix: incomingBytes() to update via handleMessages() by @harshavardhana in

New Contributors

  • @QuantumEnigmaa made their first contribution in
  • @lentidas made their first contribution in
  • @ItsKev made their first contribution in
  • @Albert-W made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Jan. 29, 2024, 1:30 a.m.
Bugfix release
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