Loki - operator/v0.5.0


This is release v0.5.0 of Loki Operator.

Notable changes:

  • 10924 periklis: Update Loki operand to v2.9.2
  • 10874 periklis: Bump deps to address CVE-2023-39325 and CVE-2023-44487
  • 10854 periklis: Add missing marker/sweeper panels in retention dashboard
  • 10717 periklis: Allow SSE settings in AWS S3 object storage secret
  • 10715 periklis: Allow endpoint_suffix in azure object storage secret
  • 10562 periklis: Add memberlist IPv6 support
  • 10720 JoaoBraveCoding: Change default replication factor of 1x.medium to 2
  • 10600 periklis: Update Loki operand to v2.9.1
  • 10545 xperimental: Update gateway arguments to enable namespace extraction
  • 10558 periklis: Upgrade dashboards for for Loki v2.9.0
  • 10539 periklis: Update Loki operand to v2.9.0
  • 10418 btaani: Use a condition to warn when labels for zone-awareness are empty
  • 9468 periklis: Add support for reconciling loki-mixin dashboards on OpenShift Console
  • 9942 btaani: Use a condition to warn when there are no nodes with matching labels for zone-awareness


The components of Loki are currently distributed in plain binary form and as Docker container images. Choose what fits your use-case best.

The Loki Operator is currently distributed as plain bundles on both Operator Hub instances:
- For vanillia Kubernetes: https://operatorhub.io/operator/loki-operator
- For Community OpenShift: https://github.com/redhat-openshift-ecosystem/community-operators-prod

Docker container:

  • https://hub.docker.com/r/grafana/loki-operator
$ docker pull "grafana/loki-operator:0.5.0"


Oct. 25, 2023, 1:35 p.m.
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