Loki - v2.7.1

This is release v2.7.1 of Loki.

Notable changes:

  • Add single compactor http client for delete and gennumber clients. This fixes a bug caused by the accidental introduction of different HTTP clients for compactor and gennumber operations that resulted in 404s when only the gennumber middlewares were enabled: ■ Unordered list style [Expected: dash; Actua
console  Grot (@grafanabot), 2022-12-09 - [release-2.7.x] Prepare changelog and release notes for 2.7.1 (#7897)
     level=error ts=2022-10-18T14:13:41.598649348Z caller=delete_requests_client.go:211 msg="error getting delete requests from the store" err="unexpected status code: 404"
     ts=2022-10-18T14:13:41.598697295Z caller=spanlogger.go:80 user=application level=error msg="failed loading deletes for user" err="unexpected status code: 404"
  • Change default deletion mode to filter-only on account of the bug (see below).
  • Delete can now be performed over GRPC.


The components of Loki are currently distributed in plain binary form and as Docker container images. Choose what fits your use-case best.

Docker container:

  • https://hub.docker.com/r/grafana/loki
  • https://hub.docker.com/r/grafana/promtail
$ docker pull "grafana/loki:v2.7.1"
$ docker pull "grafana/promtail:v2.7.1"


We provide pre-compiled binary executables for the most common operating systems and architectures.
Choose from the assets below for the application and architecture matching your system.
Example for Loki on the linux operating system and amd64 architecture:

$ curl -O -L "https://github.com/grafana/loki/releases/download/v2.7.1/loki-linux-amd64.zip"
# extract the binary
$ unzip "loki-linux-amd64.zip"
# make sure it is executable
$ chmod a+x "loki-linux-amd64"


Dec. 9, 2022, 11:40 p.m.
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