Cypress - v9.5.4


Released 4/11/2022


  • Updates were made to silence Electron warnings related to being unable to
    connect to dbus. These errors are normal and expected, and do not result in
    test failures. Because they are always present when running Electron inside
    docker containers, it has incorrectly led people to believe it is the
    root-cause of an error within their test run. By silencing these errors, it
    will improve the debug experience to allow users to focus on meaningful
    warning and error messages. Fixed
  • Updates were made to ensure that all *.enable events are sent if Cypress
    becomes disconnected from the Chrome DevTools Protocol and must re-establish a
    connection to ensure all command logs are displayed to the user. This fixes an
    issue where some command logs, like download or network events, are missing
    once Cypress has disconnected and then reconnected to the Chrome DevTools
    Protocol. Fixed #20618.
  • Fixed an issue where cy.type('{enter}') was not sending the Enter key for
    Firefox v98+. This was not an issue with Firefox v97 and below. Fixed
  • Fixed a regression in 9.3.0 where glob
    patterns provided to the --spec CLI parameter was incorrectly splitting the
    patterns in unexpected places when it should have split on commas. Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with cy.root() to respect the
    timeout option passed to the command.
    Previously, when the timeout option was provided, it was ignored and the
    default timeout was used. Fixed
  • Updates were made to decrease the length of the Cypress cache path for Windows
    to ensure
    installing pre-release versions
    of the Cypress binary are within the maximum path length of 260 characters.
    Fixed in #20961.
  • Fixed a regression in 8.6.0 which
    prevented .pause() from correctly executing when passing the
    --headed --no-exit CLI flags to cypress run. Fixed
  • Fixed a regression in 9.2.0 which would
    sometimes throw an expected error on navigation with cy.back() and
    cy.go(). Fixed #19749
    and #20539.
  • Corrected the Typescript type for a cookie which was incorrectly typed as
    any when the correct type is Cookie. Fixed in
  • Added the missing Cypress.Command.addAll() Typescript types. Fixed
  • Fixed an uncommon error observed in cy.session() where an error was thrown
    when no cookies had been set for the session and the user clicks the session
    command log to view additional details in the DevTools console. Fixed in


  • A minor visual update was made to the cy.session() command log visuals.
    Fixed #20433.

Dependency Updates:

  • Upgraded ansi-regex dependency from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 to address the
    CVE-2021-3807 NVD security
    vulnerability. Addressed in
  • Upgraded plist dependency from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5 to address the
    CVE-2022-22912 NVD security
    vulnerability. Addressed in


April 11, 2022, 7:04 p.m.
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