Cypress - v9.5.2


Released 3/14/2022


  • Fixed an issue with .type() where click events could be fired on the
    incorrect target element because the target focus changed within a key-down
    event handler callback. Fixed in
  • Fixed a regression in 9.5.0 where ANSI
    colors were not removed from the FireFox warning message about the
    chromeWebSecurity configuration option having no effect on the Firefox
    browser. Fixes #20496.
  • Updates were made to the pre-release build setup such that Cypress will use a
    unique cache folder for each
    pre-release installation
    on a machine. This removes the need to run cypress clear cache before
    installing a new pre-release version of Cypress or before installing a new
    released version of Cypress after a pre-release version had been installed.
    Addressed in #20296.


  • Updates were made to explicitly disable the Origin-Agent-Cluster header for
    proxied responses to ensure document.domain can continue to be set with
    Chrome v106+. This was necessary because Chrome is planning to make
    document.domain immutable
    in v106+ to relax the same-origin policy by interpreting the
    Origin-Agent-Cluster as true, whereas it is currently interpreted as
    false. Addresses

Dependency Updates:


March 14, 2022, 9:26 p.m.
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