Cypress - v9.6.0

Released 4/25/2022


  • Now you can easily test multi-domain workflows by using the experimental
    cy.origin() command. This feature allows you to test
    across different origins or domains within a single test. This experiment was
    designed to work side-by-side with the cy.session()
    experimental feature. You can turn on use of this command by setting the
    experimentalSessionAndOrigin configuration
    option to true. For more details, read
    our blog post.
    Addressed #17336 and
  • Added a new configuration option called experimentalSessionAndOrigin. This
    option enables support for cy.session() and
  • The experimentalSessionSupport configuration option has been removed and
    replaced by the experimentalSessionAndOrigin configuration option. Please
    update your configuration to use the new experimentalSessionAndOrigin
    option to continue to opt-in to this experimental feature.
  • When experimentalSessionAndOrigin is enabled, cross-origin requests will
    no longer immediately fail, but instead, time out based on the
    configuration. This allows the request to be appropriately handled by the
    cy.origin() command.
  • When experimentalSessionAndOrigin is enabled, Cypress will no longer wait
    on page loads between hooks before moving on to the next test.


  • Fixed an issue with Firefox 98+ where the Enter keystroke was not being sent
    to an input element when using .type('{enter}'). Fixed
  • We now verify if an interruption while running tests was signaled by the user
    or if it came from an error in a plugin before showing the error message.
    Fixed #21010.
  • Improved the error message observed on Windows platforms when unzipping the
    Cypress binary and the max file length is exceeded. Fixed in
  • Updated the Cypress.Commands.add() TypeScript types to better reflect the
    attributes of the .add() utility and the JQuery element, a possible previous
    subject type. #20376.

Dependency Updates:

  • Upgraded electron dependency from 15.3.5 to 15.5.1 to consume fixes
    related to
    improve performance on
    macOS Big Sur and later. Addressed


April 25, 2022, 5:59 p.m.
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