Consul k8s - v1.3.0


1.3.0 (November 8, 2023)



  • :tada: This release provides the ability to preview Consul's v2 Catalog and Resource API if enabled.
    The new model supports multi-port application deployments with only a single Envoy proxy.
    Note that the v1 and v2 catalogs are not cross compatible, and not all Consul features are available within this v2 feature preview.
    See the v2 Catalog and Resource API documentation for more information.
    The v2 Catalog and Resources API should be considered a feature preview within this release and should not be used in production environments.


  • The v1 and v2 catalog APIs cannot run concurrently.
  • The Consul UI must be disable. It does not support multi-port services or the v2 catalog API in this release.
  • HCP Consul does not support multi-port services or the v2 catalog API in this release.

[GH-2967] [GH-2941]
* Add the PrioritizeByLocality field to the ServiceResolver and ProxyDefaults CRDs. [GH-2784]
* Set locality on services registered with connect-inject. [GH-2346]
* api-gateway: Add support for response header modifiers in HTTPRoute filters [GH-2904]
* api-gateway: add RouteRetryFilter and RouteTimeoutFilter CRDs [GH-2735]
* helm: (Consul Enterprise) Adds rate limiting config to serviceDefaults CRD [GH-2844]


  • (Consul Enterprise) Add support to provide inputs via helm for audit log related configuration [GH-2265]
  • control-plane: Changed the container ordering in connect-inject to insert consul-dataplane container first if lifecycle is enabled. Container ordering is unchanged if lifecycle is disabled. [GH-2743]
  • helm: Kubernetes v1.28 is now supported. Minimum tested version of Kubernetes is now v1.25. [GH-3138]


  • control-plane: Set locality on sidecar proxies in addition to services when registering with connect-inject. [GH-2748]


Nov. 8, 2023, 5:03 p.m.
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