Consul k8s - v1.2.6

1.2.6 (February 15, 2024)


  • helm: introduces global.metrics.datadog overrides to streamline consul-k8s datadog integration.
    helm: introduces server.enableAgentDebug to expose agent enable_debug configuration.
    helm: introduces global.metrics.disableAgentHostName to expose agent telemetry.disable_hostname configuration.
    helm: introduces global.metrics.enableHostMetrics to expose agent telemetry.enable_host_metrics configuration.
    helm: introduces global.metrics.prefixFilter to expose agent telemetry.prefix_filter configuration.
    helm: introduces global.metrics.datadog.dogstatsd.dogstatsdAddr to expose agent telemetry.dogstatsd_addr configuration.
    helm: introduces global.metrics.datadog.dogstatsd.dogstatsdTags to expose agent telemetry.dogstatsd_tags configuration.
    helm: introduces required annotations and labels for integration with Datadog Autodiscovery and Datadog Unified Service Tagging for Consul.
    helm: introduces automated unix domain socket hostPath mounting for containerized integration with datadog within consul-server statefulset.
    helm: introduces global.metrics.datadog.otlp override options to allow OTLP metrics forwarding to Datadog Agent.
    control-plane: adds server-acl-init datadog agent token creation for datadog integration. [GH-3407]


  • Upgrade to use Go 1.21.7. [GH-3591]
  • api-gateway: Apply connectInject.initContainer.resources to the init container for API gateway Pods. [GH-3531]
  • cni: When CNI is enabled, set ReadOnlyRootFilesystem=true and AllowPrivilegeEscalation=false for mesh pod init containers and AllowPrivilegeEscalation=false for consul-dataplane containers (ReadOnlyRootFilesystem was already true for consul-dataplane containers). [GH-3498]
  • control-plane: Changed the container ordering in connect-inject to insert consul-dataplane container first if lifecycle is enabled. Container ordering is unchanged if lifecycle is disabled. [GH-2743]
  • helm: Change /bin/sh -ec "<command>" to /bin/sh -ec "exec <command>" in helm deployments [GH-3548]


  • api-gateway: fix issue where external annotations and labels are being incorrectly deleted on services controlled by the API Gateway [GH-3597]
  • mesh-gw: update capabilities on the security context needed for the dataplane container.
    Adds NET_BIND_SERVICE to capabilities.add
    Adds ALL to capabilities.drop unless .Values.meshGateway.hostNetwork is true [GH-3549]


Feb. 15, 2024, 8:33 p.m.
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