Consul k8s - v0.45.0

0.45.0 (June 17, 2022)

* Helm
* Enable the configuring of snapshot intervals in the client snapshot agent via client.snapshotAgent.interval. [GH-1235]
* Enable configuring the pod topologySpreadConstraints for mesh, terminating, and ingress gateways. [GH-1257]
* Present Consul server CA chain when using Vault secrets backend. [GH-1251]
* API Gateway: Enable configuring of the new High Availability feature (requires Consul API Gateway v0.3.0+). [GH-1261]
* Enable the configuration of Envoy proxy concurrency via connectInject.sidecarProxy.concurrency which can
be overridden at the pod level via the annotation
This PR also sets the default concurrency for envoy proxies to 2. [GH-1277]
* Update Mesh CRD with Mesh HTTP Config. [GH-1282]
* Control Plane
* Bump Dockerfile base image for RedHat UBI consul-k8s-control-plane image to ubi-minimal:8.6. [GH-1244]
* Add additional metadata to service instances registered via catalog sync. [GH-447]
* Enable configuring Connect Injector and Controller Webhooks' certificates to be managed by Vault. [GH-1191]

* Helm
* Update client-snapshot-agent so that setting client.snapshotAgent.caCert no longer requires root access to modify the trust store. [GH-1190]
* Add missing vault agent annotations to the api-gateway-controller-deployment. [GH-1247]
* Bump default Envoy version to 1.22.2. [GH-1276]


June 17, 2022, 12:40 p.m.
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