Acorn - v0.9.2-rc1

What's Changed

  • Avoid dev session region errors when no region is specified by @thedadams in
  • retry app rm on conflict by @keyallis in
  • Fix issue with parsing implied volumes by @tylerslaton in
  • Always update ready status/conditions by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Remove algolia for docs. by @cloudnautique in
  • Add public type for QuotaRequests by @tylerslaton in
  • Add pre-stop hooks for containers that expose ports by @thedadams in
  • Ignore not found errors when deleting pods by @thedadams in
  • Ignore external services when comparing hashes by @thedadams in
  • Refactor DeploySpec so that secrets are first by @thedadams in
  • Update run help to be more concise and useful by @cjellick in
  • Dashboard auto-complete by @cjellick in
  • Stop rerunning create jobs on non-generation bumping updates by @thedadams in
  • Update to point to runtime docs by @cloudnautique in
  • support http2 protocol (#1523) by @keyallis in
  • Adjust status calculations by @thedadams in
  • fix: typo by @testwill in
  • Fix internal registry not working on some storage classes by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Add ability to read port from svc.status.loadbalancer.port by @StrongMonkey in
  • Remove GH workflow for adding issue to project by @cjellick in
  • change: block devsessions if IAR is enabled (#2180) by @iwilltry42 in

New Contributors

  • @testwill made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Nov. 3, 2023, 3:06 p.m.
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