Acorn - v0.6.0

πŸŽ‰ Acorn v0.6.0 is available with many new features and improvements! πŸŽ‰

New features

  • Compute classes are a way for Acorn administrators to define resource and scheduling requirements for app workloads. An administrator can create various compute classes, both at the cluster and project levels, and users can use those compute classes to ensure their apps get the resources needed. Read the docs for more information.
  • Volume classes provide an abstraction on top of Kubernetes storage classes. An Acorn administrator can define various volume classes, both at the cluster and project level, and users can use these volume classes for their apps. Volume classes also add size and access mode restrictions for more control. If the standard storage classes are good enough for you, then Acorn will handle that by default. If you would like to manually manage the volume classes, then there is an installation flag. See the docs for more information about configuring volume classes.
  • A new command has been added that will show users the compute and volume classes available to them: acorn offerings. A user can use the subcommands to see which compute and volume classes are available to them as well as their configuration.

Enhancements of note

  • Pod Disruption Budgets are now generated for each deployment generated by Acorn (#1207)
  • The acorn containers command now accepts an app name, which will show all the containers running for that app (#1252)

Known issues

  • Using acorn images -A only lists images from the first project (#1185)
  • Using -A option with acorn run does not work (#1186)
  • Specifying an app name with -n project-name/app-name deploys the app but doesn’t provide statuses (#1249)

What's Changed

  • hide flags not in use for acorn image rm (#1036) by @jsilverio22 in
  • Add controller flag to run in dev-mode by @thedadams in
  • Check if string array's length greater than zero before overriding by @StrongMonkey in
  • validate memory args before installing (#1092) by @jsilverio22 in
  • update docs typos by @jacobdonenfeld in
  • Add docs for help and security by @cjellick in
  • fixes #1112: show error on app stop when not found by @zostay in
  • Add a PR template by @cjellick in
  • Only notify about successful tagged releases to Acorn Users by @tylerslaton in
  • Update rancher/klipper-lb Docker tag to v0.4.0 by @renovate in
  • Bump the baaah dependency by @thedadams in
  • Don't spam the build log with tar extraction by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Add all view rules to view-logs role by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Revert "Update rancher/klipper-lb Docker tag to v0.4.0" by @tylerslaton in
  • Refactor and test auto-upgrade functionality by @thedadams in
  • version documentation on docs site (#1076) by @jsilverio22 in
  • Continue checking dependencies after finding a linked one by @thedadams in
  • Add missing rules for view and edit by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Simplify PR template to just a checklist by @cjellick in
  • Add ability to call logs with no args by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Fix container list for multi project clients by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Update to mink that has default name validation (#1206) by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Start API was calling stop by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Use 1 minute for default leader election TTL by @thedadams in
  • add project label to namespace when used within an app (#1143) by @jsilverio22 in
  • Add extraData field to project Info by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Fix pull/run with internal-registry-prefix by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Add PodDisruptionBudgets to all deployments generated by Acorn by @thedadams in
  • Don't decrypted data when writing generated secret by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Fix project UX issues by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Call out that issue number should be in PR title by @cjellick in
  • Quote go version to not confuse yaml by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Fix panic when using external auth provider by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Move all cue logic to by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Remove unneeded file moved to aml by @ibuildthecloud in
  • validate -j/--project inputs for acorn cli (#1212) by @jsilverio22 in
  • Fix errors displayed by kubectl (#1233) by @thedadams in
  • Refactor acorn info and add -A functionality by @jacobdonenfeld in
  • Missing make setup-ci-env for CD workflows breaking release (#1238) by @jacobdonenfeld in
  • Include storage class details in cli acorn volumes (#1229) by @jacobdonenfeld in
  • Allow volumes with sizes less than 10G in Acornfile (#1232) by @thedadams in
  • fix info's integration tests breaking on eks (#1244) by @jacobdonenfeld in
  • fix docs site typo having an extra quotation (#1250) by @jacobdonenfeld in
  • Support comma separated projects in -j by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Add VolumeClasses to the Acorn API (#1052) by @thedadams in
  • List all containers in app with 'acorn containers ' (#358) by @g-linville in
  • Adding basic troubleshooting section by @cloudnautique in
  • fix acorn project naming in acorn info and add client unit tests (#1197) by @jacobdonenfeld in
  • Add ComputeClass functionality by @tylerslaton in
  • More robust volume class defaulting and validation (#1259) by @thedadams in
  • Correctly wait for app updates (#1265) by @thedadams in
  • Run mockgen from go.mod, not PATH by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Harden ComputeClass feature by @tylerslaton in
  • Fix typos in Compute Class documentation by @tylerslaton in
  • Strict validation on volume class updates, including making the storage class name immutable (#1262) by @thedadams in
  • Ensure acorn volumes command outputs volume class (#1261) by @thedadams in
  • Handle default volume classes when cluster and project defaults exist (#1287) by @thedadams in
  • Tighten memory.Values validation for ComputeClasses (#1277, #1283) by @tylerslaton in
  • add stg tag nightly by @jsilverio22 in
  • Bump mink for #1187 by @ibuildthecloud in

New Contributors

  • @jacobdonenfeld made their first contribution in
  • @zostay made their first contribution in
  • @g-linville made their first contribution in

Full Changelog: Changelog:


March 2, 2023, 4:22 p.m.
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