Acorn - v0.4.1

🐞 Acorn v0.4.1 is here with a few important bug fixes and minor UX improvements! 🐞

What's Changed

Our biggest fix was to address an issue where could not be used as a registry for acorn images. We've addressed this, but the fix is limited to single-architecture acorn images. If you try to build a multi-arch acorn image via the --platform flag, you still won't be able to push that image to We are working with the quay folks to resolve this. See: #951 and #921

Here's the rest of the changes:
* fix: honor --lets-encrypt=disabled and reduce certs logging by @iwilltry42 in
* Update module to v4.9.1 by @renovate in
* fix: do not skip validation if image didn't change by @iwilltry42 in
* Avoid unnecessary TLS certificate requests by @iwilltry42 in
* Reuse Let's Encrypt fields on install by @cjellick in
* feat: add --no-validate flag to acorn login cmd by @jsilverio22 in
* Auto-upgrade improvements and fixes by @cjellick in
* fix: add rm alias for acorn container kill by @jsilverio22 in
* Only use nested indexes for multi-arch builds by @ibuildthecloud in
* fix: check if app exists before attempting to run by @jsilverio22 in
* Add acorn update --pull functionality by @cjellick in
* Support re-pull through --image flag (issue #948) by @cjellick in

Docs and CI commits have been excluded from the above list, for the full changelog, see here:


Dec. 1, 2022, 11 p.m.
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