Acorn - v0.4.0

🎉 Acorn v0.4.0 is available with many new features and improvements! 🎉

New features

  • Let's Encrypt certificates for custom domains. #486 Learn more here
  • Configure acorn apps to automatically upgrade when a new version is available. #747 Learn more here
  • Support for permissions and ServiceAccount per acorn container. #813 Learn more here

Enhancements of note

  • acorn rm improved and expanded #346
  • acorn logs supports more options improved and expanded #518
  • acorn run now supports --upgrade #466
  • For improved air-gapping experience, consolidated all images used by acorn control plane #507
  • Checkout our new VSCode Plugin

Known issues

  • Older versions of the acorn cli will not work with this release. Both must be upgrade (this is the default if you're following the normal upgrade flow)
  • Our improved support for permissions and service accounts is not backwards compatible. If you were previously leveraging the permissions feature in your Acornfile, it won't work with this release
  • The improved UX for acorn rm changes the command's behavior substantially. Some flags to the command were dropped
  • It can take two minutes to provision a new Let's Encrypt certificate for custom domains. #901

Full changelog

  • Cross reference lets encrypt docs from cert docs by @cjellick in
  • docs: fix naming convention for endpoints by @jsilverio22 in
  • Cleanup bad app status by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Ignored job failed count if success count is greater than 0 by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Set secret type to corev1 so that users won't see it from acorn api by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Drop dashboard subcommand by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Refactor API server by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Update module to v2.80.1 by @renovate in
  • Update module to v2.3.6 by @renovate in
  • Update digest to a0f6687 by @renovate in
  • Update golang to 56aed06 by @renovate in
  • Ensure last in build is always printed by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Update module to v0.12.49 by @renovate in
  • Update module to v4.9.0 by @renovate in
  • Update Node.js to v16.18.0 by @renovate in
  • Switch install to using baaah apply by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Update to 1.6.0 by @ibuildthecloud in
  • updating to go1.19 by @luthermonson in
  • Fix regression in build not prompting for install by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Fix regression in permission adding by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Switch to watcher package to handle watch corner cases by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Fix several typos, code snippets etc. in docs by @mocdaniel in
  • Update module to v0.1.0 by @renovate in
  • Point potential contributors in the right direction by @cjellick in
  • Remove repeated step for install instructions by @rachfop in
  • Update module to v0.12.0 by @renovate in
  • Update Node.js to v19 by @renovate in
  • Update digest to 2c03477 by @renovate in
  • Update module to v0.10.5 by @renovate in
  • Don't require API lookup for restmapping acorn resources by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Add debug flag to CLI by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Don't set transitioning as error conditions by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Add support for acorn logs CONTAINER_NAME by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Add git info to build by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Fix file sync on windows by @ibuildthecloud in
  • fix: Make Get logic use existing Exist logic by @ibuildthecloud in
  • kubeconfig for actions-setup by @vincent99 in
  • docs: Add documentation for installing acorn using yaml file cmd by @jsilverio22 in
  • fix: refactor generated name to be consistent after restart of app by @jsilverio22 in
  • fix: change docs and error message for pre-created namespace deployment by @jsilverio22 in
  • feat: Add "-n --tail" and "-s --since" to acorn logs to limit outputted lines by num and time by @jsilverio22 in
  • Update mink by @ibuildthecloud in
  • fix: remove pending ingress log statement for tcp port by @jsilverio22 in
  • Prompt for data to encrypt when none provided. by @cloudnautique in
  • Update digest to c99f073 by @renovate in
  • Update module to v1.8.1 by @renovate in
  • Update module to v1.6.1 by @renovate in
  • Update Node.js to v16.18.1 by @renovate in
  • Switch logs, pull, push to websocket response by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Switch router pod to deployment and not daemonset by @ibuildthecloud in
  • fix: add namespace to generated hash host prefix by @jsilverio22 in
  • add GH action to run acorn tests on AWS EKS by @meldafrawi in
  • Fix messaging in docs around publishing/exposing ports via the CLI (#636) by @tylerslaton in
  • Add routers docs, drop nested acorn reference by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Update module to v1.6.9 by @renovate in
  • Update docs to document volume subpaths (#559) by @tylerslaton in
  • Document required k8s version by @cjellick in
  • docs: Add router example docs to networking section by @jsilverio22 in
  • Validate credentials when performing a login by @tylerslaton in
  • Update golang by @renovate in
  • Update docusaurus monorepo to v2.2.0 by @renovate in
  • Update module to v0.12.1 by @renovate in
  • fix: Allow multi app Acornfiles to use Let's Encrypt by @jsilverio22 in
  • Update baaah by @cjellick in
  • Fix LE test hashes by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Fix slack link by @cjellick in
  • Consolidate to one docker image by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Don't leak idle connections by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Update module to v1.6.10 by @renovate in
  • Update digest to 8509921 by @renovate in
  • Update rancher/klipper-lb Docker tag to v0.3.5 by @renovate in
  • Update nginx Docker tag to v1.23.2 by @renovate in
  • Fix gorelease build by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Add .vscode launch configurations for Visual Studio Code's debugger by @tylerslaton in
  • Merge client side and server side configs when installing (#790) by @tylerslaton in
  • Automatic Let's Encrypt certificates for user-provided domains by @iwilltry42 in
  • Update registry Docker tag to v2.8.1 by @renovate in
  • test images by @cjellick in
  • Revert "Merge client side and server side configs when installing (#790)" by @cjellick in
  • Drop armv7 support by @ibuildthecloud in
  • from projectnext to projectV2 by @cjellick in
  • fix: acorn rm refactor and include rm subcmds by @jsilverio22 in
  • Revert back to supporting armv7 by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Add a unique Service Account per service (#813) by @tylerslaton in
  • add acorn run --update/-u flag to update app if exists by @iwilltry42 in
  • Continuous Run Stuff by @cjellick in
  • Add document outlining how permissions work by @tylerslaton in
  • fix: add err msg to acorn app output when target-namespace is used by @jsilverio22 in
  • fix: change acorn rm app to not prompt for containers by @jsilverio22 in
  • Refine documentation around permissions by @tylerslaton in
  • fix: add colon to msg by @jsilverio22 in

New Contributors

  • @mocdaniel made their first contribution in
  • @rachfop made their first contribution in
  • @tylerslaton made their first contribution in

Full Changelog:


Nov. 18, 2022, 8:16 p.m.
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