Acorn - v0.10.1

What's Changed

  • fix: login: eliminate possible nil dereference by @g-linville in
  • [docs] update for 0.10 release by @cloudnautique in
  • Update function-builder and squash dockerimage in release by @ibuildthecloud in
  • Handle unknown and evicted pods by @ibuildthecloud in
  • fix: unescape dots in env names (#2442) by @iwilltry42 in
  • fix: calculate resolvedOfferings for sidecars by @g-linville in
  • [fix] - promptOrder now works for credentials (#2386) by @cloudnautique in
  • fix: allow traefik external names in ingress by @thedadams in
  • Add pull secret information to debug build issues by @StrongMonkey in
  • fix: allow hostname to start with number when binding by @thedadams in
  • enhance: strip k8s scheduling details from app objects by @njhale in
  • fix: handle multiple compute classes in a project by @keyallis in
  • Revert "fix: handle multiple compute classes in a project (#2459)" by @keyallis in
  • Remove spamming logs by @StrongMonkey in
  • fix: remove resolvedOfferings, defaults, and scheduling for containers not defined in app by @g-linville in
  • enhancement: add ComputeClasses and VolumeClasses field to BaseResources by @tylerslaton in
  • Revert "enhancement: add ComputeClasses and VolumeClasses fields to BaseResources" by @tylerslaton in
  • fix: add CPU field to resolvedOfferings and change QuotaRequests to use resolvedOfferings by @tylerslaton in

Full Changelog:


Feb. 5, 2024, 6:55 p.m.
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